Livewell Help!!! How many gallons of water per pound of fish

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    Just wondering if there is a good ratio for gallons of water to pounds of fish. I want to get another livewell and I want to be able to keep a 70 or 80 pound fish alive. How big a fish can you fit in a 40 gallon livewell anyways. Any of you guys who catch big fish in tournaments I need your help. I have limitations but I want to hear from everyone. Thanks
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    I've got a Cabelas Dry Store livewell, the inside dimensions are 46" long x 15.5" wide x 13" tall/deep (it's a little taller than that, but that's the max usable water level). That comes out to 41 gallons. I've had 107lbs of fish in it, including a 63lb flathead for a short time, but that was pushing it. We did an early weigh of the big fish to cut down on crowding. I doubt that this is big enough for an 80lb fish.

    Missouri put out a length / weight chart that may help you a little, , I think it may exaggerate the lengths just a little.

    If I was looking for a livewell that would truly accomodate an 80lb fish, my minimum length would be 48", and at least 50 gallons. Our old sponsor here, Fishmate Pro, builds one that is perfect, 50"x15"x15", but it's pricey. And don't forget about a good aeration system, even a 300 gallon tank won't keep fish alive with some good aeration. The Aqua-Lung system is about the best around, and it filters the water, deals with ammonia, etc. KeepAlive has a decent aeration only system.

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    Thanks for sharing the chart. I would say to go with as big of a livewell that you can afford or fit. what if you catch a 100+ pound cat.