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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Phil Washburn, Jun 19, 2008.

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    ok, i have to replace the hose on the pontoon i have to the livewell, and for peace of mind i am going to replace the aerator pump as well. the pump is mounted on the bottom rear of the right pontoon. it has to pump water maybe 15 feet forward, and 2 feet question is this; will a bilge pump work just as well, and do we have sponsors that have such pumps?
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    first, it may be as easy to replace the pump with the same mfg you have now. all the mounting holes and bracket are there. If you look at the specs on the pumps it will give you what it can pump up to and gph, I used the reinforced clear hose for my bait tank pump and it holds up real well, Also if you put a larger pump make sure the over flow can handle the extra water comming in to the livewell if not it will overflow your tank, This i know from expericence I put a bait tank on my boat with a positive flow and a large pump but the exit flow could not handle the flow, I ended up putting a ball valve in line to cut back the flow, As far buying pumps go to you local marina or even wallmart. I think it will be as cheap, You may find a pump on line for a few bucks cheaper but by the time you add in shipping it will equal out, also no waiting.