Livermush, A thing of beauty.

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    North Carolina
    Livermush is found in almost any market or country store you walk into in my corner of the world (Western NC). Drop into a diner and more than likely you will find it on the menu.

    There are many ways to make livermush. It can be made like scrapple or it can be made in a thick gravy from flour and let set up and called liver pudding. But I want to speak about livermush and one type of livermush.

    I just left a forum where someone asked about livermush and the mis-info was readily offered up. It takes an act of congress almost to join the site and so I'll leave them in the darkness of thinking they know.

    Let me start by saying I do NOT eat liver as a rule although I will try a bite from time to time as I don't like to allow much of anything beat me..

    News flash. The best noses amoung you would be very hard pressed to tell me liver was in it. I can't tell you why but the flavor is much closer to the dressing you eat at thanksgiving than any liver you'd imagine.

    Ok. as I said there are many ways to make livermush and everyone has their own favorite. Mine is made by a small company 20 miles from here called "Hunters". The ingredients are as follows. Pork liver, corn meal, spices ( Salt, black pepper and sage ).

    Other companys add things like spleens etc. And while it will do in a rush, I will stick with the good stuff.

    I have made my own livermush and it was pretty good but not as good as Hunters. I made it by boiling a hog liver that was dressed ( Gall bladder removed etc ) until it was in pieces then adding corn meal and spices and cooking until thickened. Then placing the mix in loaf bread pans to cool.

    Once it has cooled it can be turned out and sliced. Fry it in a bit of oil until crisp and eat it as a breakfast meat or on a sandwich with mustard and onions. ( Add slaw if your from the south )

    It is truly one of my favorite foods. Maybe some of you will find yourself with a liver and nothing to do with it and would like to give this a try. There are recipes on the net and some are for smaller quantities and easy enough to try.

    If I had the money, I'd think seriously about doing somethijng crazy like getting a vender's cart in NYC or some such place and giving out livermush biscuits free for a few days. After you get people to try it, Most will be back for more. It is really that good.

    BTW, We did not invent the stuff in the south. It was brought here by German settlers passing through as they headed west. ( as best I can gather from the net, It was first made and sold in the USA in Philly.

    Ok, feel free to say yuck and gag now..LOL
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    yuk....gag gag gag just had to do that....and ya guessed it i cant stand liver noway shape or form except on the end of a hook :big_smile:

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    Batchtown IL.
    love the stuff myself but sins i moved up hear from NC. i just cant find it in these yankee grocery stores :sad2: he!! they dont even have good old dukes mayo up hear :sad2: i miss some of the southern things lol
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    I never heard of livermush,But I do like a liverworst sandwich with horseradish and mustard now and then.
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    , North Carolin
    salt what part of nc are you from .. i just got back to alabama fron landrum , where my mom lives. i was born in rutherford. after you get out of sc livermush disappears. when i was a kid my grand parrents made it they would also boil the head and take meat off of it and grind it in . i left 2 big packs of hunter at my moms . she was tickled to death... not me im without the mush...shane
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    Sounds like bait!

    JEFFRODAMIS Well-Known Member

    i have never even heard of livermush
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    Who me? Say yuck and gag over livermush? NO WAY!!! I say YUM YUM YUM!!! Hunter's is DEFINITELY the best imo also, and I've tried 'em all.

    Out in eastern NC where my sister lives, she cannot buy ANY livermush that I know of.....they have scrapple. When she comes here, she buys up a few blocks to take home with her, HUNTER's of course. :cool2:

    I've been eating it all my life, and I don't eat plain liver either.

    I have introduced several people to livermush over the years, and the concensus is it tastes similar to sausage.

    When I eat a piece of livermush, I want it to be CRISPY....that's one of the problems I have with ordering it in restaurants. Sometimes it's just barely heated and no crust on the outside. However, I like unfried cold livermush (it's precooked) on saltine crackers, go figure! :smile2: Had a bunch of fellers eatin' those one evening, topped with a bit of cheese and jalapenos. Goes good with beer. :big_smile:

    To get it EXTRA crispy you can flour the slices like you would any other meat, before pan frying. That's what my paternal grandma always did; an iron skillet is the best thing to fry it in.

    We got in a discussion at the NC gathering about scrapple vs. livermush....and then McDreamy wanted to argue with me about Hunter's being the best. He likes homemade better. I've had homemade livermush created by a few different folks, and I still like Hunter's more.


    Everything you wanted to know about livermush, but were afraid to ask.....:wink:

    How it's made.....(Only video I could find of this process - Mack's doesn't compare to Hunter's. This guy cracked me up pronouncing it MOOSH.)
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    North Carolina
    Shane, I live a few miles off I-40 near the town of Morganton N.C. 50 miles east of Asheville.

    Come on all you mush lovers ! Speak up !
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    Napoleon, Mo.
    Gotta put this on my "want to try list"!! I do like liver. May try and find a recipie and make some.
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    Down here on the NC coast the best I can get is Neese's Liver will do when hunter's is not avail.