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Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by adamant, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. adamant

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    new jersey
    any tips on screwing in and out the livewell stem in the tank?:angry:
    i never used one before so i asume that to empty the tank you need to un screw them stem to drain it..well i had to put pliers on it and in time it will crack..
  2. psychomekanik

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    sounds like the threads are boogered on it. i unscrew mine just about a turn and a half that way id dont drain out too fast. i let it drain a little and turn the pump back on to fill it till it spills out the overflow. i'd like to find a check valve that would hold the water in but, let me open it up to drain it. i get tired of either having to open and close the valve. or keep a constant eye on it so it dont get low. anybody have a suggestion for this, p.m. can get the spray heads replacements from

  3. fishhook

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    Willow Woo
    I can't help you on the threaded pipe, my Invader has 2 livewells but the overflow pipe drain is made of rubber where the pvc overflow just sticks down in them with a very tight fit. I pull the pipe up a little to drain the waste off the bottom every now and then but I leave my pump running all the time that I have live bait in there, mostly large bluegills.