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Discussion in 'KANSAS RIVERS TALK' started by stressedcat, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. stressedcat

    stressedcat New Member

    Does anyone know where to buy live bait in Doniphan County?
  2. bigcat_chaser

    bigcat_chaser New Member

    Cincy, Ohio
    Why buy? most here catch their own bait, it's way to expensive for me to buy bait as much as I fish, maybe someone in your area can hook you up with a good place to catch what ya need good luck :big_smile:

  3. laidbck111

    laidbck111 New Member

    A cast net is a wonderful thing and learning to throw one is not that hard.
  4. laidbck111

    laidbck111 New Member

    Business Name:Address:Miles**Stinkie Finger Bait & Tackle
    (816) 238-2992 6739 Memorial Hwy
    St Joseph, MO Map 12.3
    Dick's Bait & Tackle
    (816) 232-3246 2824 S Belt Hwy # C
    St Joseph, MO Map 15.6
    Atomic Bait & Tackle
    (816) 233-1844 3724 Pear St
    St Joseph, MO Map 15.6
    Henry's Bait Shop
    (785) 742-3212 1211 Oregon St
    Hiawatha, KS Map 24.7
    Burton's Bait & Tackle
    (816) 532-4659 Web Site 119 N US Highway 169
    Smithville, MO Map 38.2
    Steve's Bait & Tackle
    (816) 532-0211 14463 N US Highway 169
    Smithville, MO Map 40.0
    Al's Bait & Tackle
    (913) 328-2248 7830 Leavenworth Rd
    Kansas City, KS Map 47.6
    Minnesota Bait & Fly Co
    (913) 371-0343 1124 Minnesota Ave
    Kansas City, KS Map 50.0
    Hogie's Gun & Sport
    (402) 274-4426
  5. gcarlin

    gcarlin New Member

    Richmond ,Indiana
    Catch Bait That The Fish Are Always Feeding On In The Waters That They Live In.
  6. janton311

    janton311 New Member

    Wichita Kansas
    Anyone can catch bluegill...Castnet or a worm and bobber :big_smile:
  7. laidbck111

    laidbck111 New Member

    In most states you can not keep blue gills cayghrt in a cast net, you must catch them with rod and reel. Check you local regs.
  8. KansasKatter

    KansasKatter New Member

    Wichita Kansas
    I was like most of you guys, NEVER would consider buying bait, always caught my own. Now with gas hovering around $3.00 a gallon for most of the summer, I have been buying more and more bait. Especially when just going for a night, you can buy a dozen perch around here, or goldfish, for between $4.50 and $7.00.

    I don't have a lot of places anymore where I can go to and catch bait where I won't burn more than 4 gallons of gas, especially in my truck! (HEMI) = VERY poor gas mileage, but a TON of power!:cool2: