Live Bait shops near Haughton/Bossier?

Discussion in 'LOCAL LOUISIANA TALK' started by patric3069, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. patric3069

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    In three days I'm kicking off my much anticipated angler marathon; three weeks of no worries....other than catching fish.

    Anyway, I only know of two live bait shops; one is at Cross Lake and the other is going out towards Cypress. Since I'll be staying in Haughton and fishing mostly the Red, where can I find some local shops? I need crickets when I take my daughter/wife out to Clear Lake.

    Thank you, in advance.
  2. badbob46

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    going south on 71 passed the shamrock station at jimmy davis. there is a citgo station about 2 red lights further down that has minnows and live crickets, i also believe the red river south marina has live bait too. its near taylor town on 71,its 5 miles south of the shamrock station

  3. sgt_rob

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    Bossier City, LA
    When you fish Clear Lake, get your crickets from the Shoppette on the East side of Base; otherwise Robert covered it.
  4. chadf

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    Bossier, La
    Patric like Rob said you can get some bait from the E. shoppette. You may also want to try Harmon lake, Clear lake aint looking too clear right now.
  5. Fred Rankin

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    Benton, Louisiana
    The Sportsmans Depot about six miles north of I-220 on Hwy 1 is a very good bait shop. Open 7-7 Mon thru Friday and 6:30 - 5 pm on weekends and it is open on most holidays - - it is open on July 4th.

    It is a part of Northwood bait and tackle, a wholesale bait and tackle shop. Northwood sells bait and tackle to many of the small bait and tackle stores in north La.

    Sportsman Depot has a large selection of fishing supplies and bait. The have a much larger selection of catfishing supplies than Bass Pro.
    Phone 929-2663