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Live bait hiding?

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I fish in a river that has tons of large boulders and small rocks creating tons of small places for a bluegill to hide. I catch all of my bluegills in riprap and they are all tucked way up underneath the rocks hiding. How can I go about keeping the gill from hiding in these places in the river? I know which ones are hiding because the pole and line will be dead still and others are making little jerks like crazy on the line trying to hide.

I put one gill on the hook and pitched him out in the water so I could watch and see what he does and within a couple seconds he was well hidden way down in between the rocks, I couldn't even see him. How do I stop this? Maybe cut a fin or something?
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Hook them thru the eyes our poke their eyes out. This will prevent them from finding cover and make them swim more frantically.
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