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Little Stinker

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i went to stroe to by some worms found this looks great ima try monday and ill let you know

#KBCW-T Catalpa Worm Tube. 4.5 oz. hangable tube.
Great bait with a proven track record! Made from the Catalpa Worm, long recognized as one of the best catfish baits.
Catalpa Worm Baits...nature's recipe for catfish.

Little Stinker Catfish Tubes - UNCLE JOSH Bait Company, home of the world’s most popular pork rind fishing baits.
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sounds to good to be true.catable worms year round. let us know.
what kind of cats are fun .if i could get some worms i would be around rocks.them blues love them worms so much it's a shame to let any thing els eat them.
if you fish from the Bank ,try pristine hwy,Ervin's mill,Holiday dam.any kind of rock shoals w/deep pockets
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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