Little river/New river junction

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    Snowville, Va
    Fished about 5 hours lastnight with multiple baits, below Claytor dam, up Little river channel abbout 50 -75 yards and down bleow the Sportsman where the creek empties into the New. Water temp was about 65-67 most all over and fishing was slow.
    Below the Sportsman I sat up between the bridge pilon and the creek with 2 rods focused below the bridge pilon and 3 down river and about 5 feet out from the bank just below the creek and a couple out in deeper water all using different baits.
    Up Little river fished deeper holes where 4-5 of water dropped to 10-12 feet with multiple rods and multiple baits.
    And fished a deep hole below the big dam as well with multiple poles and multiple baits.
    Didn't get a bite.
    Water temp is about 65-67 degrees and stained from all the rain.
    Gues I should have read the intro to the board, fishing shallow ffor spawning channels but I just seen that as I logged on tonight.
    I will keep trying and let you know if things pick up.:wink: