little river at millwood dam

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    my wife janie and i went down to the millwood lake dam this morning to visit with ray, robert and his dad, johnnie and cass, and mike and his son as they were fishing below the spillway. it was a beautiful morning for fishing but the bites were slow while we were there. we left around noon after some pleasant time spent BSing with everyone. hope the bite picked up after noon. glen, sure wish you could have been there fishing instead of slaving at your job. i understand when you have to make the family a living though. :wink: maybe ray will have you a big fish dinner for tomorrow to make it up to you. :roll_eyes:
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    Oh, Billy didn't know your wife was going. Sure hated i missed meeting up with the one that can handle Fishstick! :wink:LOL ROFL
    It was a beautiful morning. After we got all the trophies set up I had a few minutes to walk outside and enjoy that beautiful day. I thought about you all bunches! Glad you got to chat with the boys today. And Cassk. Opps! Now ya going to have to bring her the next time we have one of this fishign mini gatherings so i can met her! Yes I hope Ray is tending to them poles and not chatting and missing them bites! LOL But of course Nobody was there with a hot pink pole or to cat the kitties! ROFL Maybe next time. My engraving tournaments are finished until March now...You would know it (When it gets freezing!) so maybe we all can have a bait catching mini gathering soon.