little pee dee 8-25-09

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    went bass fishin on little pee dee yesterday and caught 9 bass and a few bream. i threw 2 of the bass back cuz they were real small and i lost one monster bass in a slough on a buddy of mines land. i got a bass on the wall that weighs 12 1/2 lbs and he was everybit as big as he is. i had him temporarily till he got me wrapped around a stump and he got off he was pullin drag out from the time i hooked him till the time he got off and i got the drag on all my reel tightened all the way down as tight as it will go. but i guess he will still be there the next time we go. after the catfish tournament friday night i might as well give up catfishin and go to bass fishin. i might can place somewhere in a tournament. there is one coming up on the cooper river this weekend and i might have to call one of my buddies from florence and see if hes got anybody fishing with him.... we might need to start up the PEE DEE BASSMASTERS!!!

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    LOL! Y'all did a pound or two better than we did Friday night, but I ain't quittin', especially to switch to catchin' bait!! Muahahahahahaha! :wink: Heck you'll be huntin' hard in a few weeks and fishin' will be the last thing on your mind! BTW: That WAS a pretty string of bass and gills! WELL done!

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    brian u can catch bass all day long until the tourny then u aint gonna catch anything like catfishin catch nice ones when its not a tourny but when the tourny gets there we cant catch nothin but sunflowers and peanuts