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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by catfishrus, Dec 3, 2007.

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    as some of you know from my other post i shot at a buck on thanksgiven day evening. i had taken a last minute shot at this deer and from the flash of the gun barrel through the scope i didnt see where he went afterwards. i made three attemps to find that deer looking everywhere on the trails leading into the spot i shot him at. i had taken my son with me to look for the deer just knowing i had harvest this buck. my son kept saying dad you must of missed him but i wasnt so sure of that. so the next day i was back at it again looking for him. no sign at all. i looked several more days without any luck of finding any signs of a hit. done all i could do and at this point i was just hoping i had missed him. well its windy here this morning and i had another bag of corn left over (baiting is legal here) so i decided to throw it out since the rut is over with for the most part and my deer sighting had really slowed in the past couple days. so i took the corn down and i was just looking around a small thicket and dang if i didnt see something there white. it was him. the deer had run no more than 20 yards into this ticket and fell into a small dip and i had not seen him. i had made a perfect double lung shot but it left no blood trail and without knowing which way he went i was lost looking for him. it saddens me to loose such a fine animal that i respect so much after thinking i had covered all the bases.:sad2:
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    Sorry about the bad luck Michael, Anyone that hunts long enough will lose a few animals. Sounds like you put out the effort to find him and sometimes thats all you can do. How big of a buck was it?


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    Sorry to hear of not finding your buck after the shot. It happens to all of us.

    Several years back i had the same thing happen, only difference was that i never did find mine. I was hunting a stand of Oaks during Archery season. A friend of mine had been hunting the same stand of oaks that morning for squirrels. As he was coming out of the woods, I was going in. It had started to drizzle rain, he had decided to hang it up for the day. He had told me that he heard a lot of sounds that sounded like deer walking around. I had climbed bout 20 feet up a Oak tree in my climbing stand. I was hunting off a well used trail by about 30 feet. After being on the stand about 15 minutes i heard a deer coming down the trail. I saw a nice buck heaed my way. i shouldered my crossbow and picked a spot on the trail that i would have a open shot. Just as he stepped into my opening and i started to pull the trigger, I noticed movement off to my left side. There was another buck behind him that was a little bigger, so I let the first walk. The second buck came into my shooting path and i pulled the trigger. He ran about 50 yards and stopped. Then disapperrared. After about a 20 minute wait i climbed down. There was a good blood trail. I went to where i had last seen him, and there was so much blood, that i did not see how he could keep going. I could stand in one spot and follow the trail with my eyes thru the Oaks and up thru the Pines. The Blood trail finally stopped completly. But, after hours of looking, I gave up. Went back later that day as well as the next with help of friends and a dog and never did find the deer.
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    i forgot about the size of the buck but he was a 6 point with a 15" spread. not a giant buck for others state but a respectable buck for here or at least i thought he was. i had passed on 7-8 bucks this season holding out for a nice one and hes the biggest one i have seen. the worse part about all of this is he ran no more than 20 yards and fell but he fell in a hole where i couldnt see him. i had walked within 10 yards on this deer 4-5 time on my search for him. no blood trail due to no exit wound. i had felt like i made a good shot on him the whole time but i have missed before too. this shot was standing broadside at 80-90 yards max with a rest. should of been easy target for me. i did hit high in the shoulder for the heart but it was a good shot or the deer would of traveled farther. i lost others before in my 30 years of hunting but never found them but to find him so close but too late is sad for me. i had covered everything out to 200 yards the next day and here he lays so close by. i even walked again last week looking in a area i thought he might of went too. they are amazing animals to say the least. maybe i will get another chance this year at a good buck or i might work on the doe population for some meat now. thanks for the replies. maybe this will help someone else out this season. if you cant find em and you know you made a good shot then keep looking.
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    I've had them fall into honeysuckle vines which in turn fall around them from the weight.
    Impossible to find without a dog.

    You would be surprised what an old yard dog is willing to track. If you have a dog its worth a try in that situation.
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    Many times the family dog can be a help at a time like this.They can smell,we can't.Even a tiny "Lap Dog" will often bark,growl or you will notice the hair standing up on it's neck and back with a deer.Caution with a Chihuahua as they have been known to attempt to eat up Bobcats,Coyotes and a Florida Panther that I know of.Real smart dog eh?I also know that a Pekingese will stand cold extremely well,is curious and often will search.My wifes would bark and bay a dead deer.Seeing was believing with these dogs.

    Now some dogs will not get out from under your feet.Also,If you lose the family pet,do not go home.You have no home.You are now homeless!You will never be forgiven.

    Sorry about what happened.Wish you the best of luck in the future.God built a deer to hide,not to be seen.He did a very good job of it.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    its happened to all of us brother.

    last year we had some guys up from miss. hunting with us. one of them shot a nice buck from about 30 yards away. the patch he was hunting in was in the middle of an overgrown clearcut... nuthin but briars and leftover logs. i followed blood to the edge of the patch and it stopped. we beat those briars till midnight looking for that deer (head high or taller briars, no less). we came back the next morning and looked for about 3 hours. finally i climbed up onto a down oak log. when i jumped off of the other side i was shocked by the fact that i didnt touch ground. i was kinda suspended by brairs and vines like a big nasty spider web. i managed to get untangled and back onto the log. i took a machete and chopped a small hole through the briars next to the log. sure enough there was a big hole there from the roots of the oak tree that had fallen. it had a totally impenetrable cieling of briars and vines. i low crawled in there and came face to face-literally-with the buck. it took 2 guys a rope and a wench to get me and the deer back out. (extremely painfull by the way). it turns out that the deer was less than 15 yards from the food plot. the only sad part is that the wind had shifted outa the south and when we woke up that morning it was almost 80 degrees. the meat was totally spoiled. what a shame...
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    Hey Michael, it reminds me of another time when a guy I know was hunting high in a tree over looking a cut over, he shot a buck and floored him right there about 100 yards out , he could see his white belly on the ground until dark when he climbed down, well the cut over was rough and thick and he never found the deer, he was hunting two hours drive away from his house so he couldn't go back the next day. On a funnier side , I know of a guy who shot a nice buck after a long dry spell, he stood up on his stand and yelled, alright, finally !!! Then the buck got up and ran off never to be found.....:smile2: Funny now , but not to him then.
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    As long as you made your best effort to recover the animal you shouldn't beat yourself up to much. Everyone loses game if you hunt long enough. It is the people that are to lazy to look, or don't recover it because they want to try and get a bigger one that should question their time in the field.
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    Sorry to hear about that deer. It happens to the best of us. You made every effort to find the deer. You need to be commended for that. I have been in the same situation. Looked and looked for one to find out it had only went about 30 yds. Sometimes it just happens. I finally got me a dog to help out and he did wonders for me. Hope you get another one.
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    That sounds almost identical to what happened to me a couple years ago, right at last light I had a great buck come in following a doe, of course she pegs me as I am reaching for my gun, After a few minute standoff he gets nervous and turns to leave, At the shot he takes a couple hops and then I heard him walk off. We searched for several hours that night and then I spent 4 hours the following day looking through the honeysuckle thicket he went into. In Jan two months later, as I was taking down the stand my hunting buddy found him not more than 40 yards from the tree I was in. I have no idea when he came back if it was later that night or a month later but It was a shame for him to have gone that way. If you hunt it will happen to you at some point, all you can do is what you did, thats way more effort than most would put into searching.
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    Thats gotta stink,But ya gave it your best effort and ,hey .You have reason to sleep with a clear concience.
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    your first name
    Been there done that. I think it happens to everyone if you hunt long enough.
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    I lost a pretty good buck the year before last that I shot with a .50 cal. at 35 yards. I knew I hit it good. I saw it run to the left in a mountain laurel thicket. I looked for three hours after dark, and although it rained all night, returned the next day and searched some more. Three days later I was looking again after a morning hunt and came out of the thicket way to the right of where I shot him and saw a bear eating something. Sure enough, there was my buck, half eaten by the bear. He had doubled back in the thicket and was no more than 80 yards from where I shot him.
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    I know what a sick feeling that is, but you did try to recover the animal. Sometimes they're just so well hidden that you can't see them. You tried; and really, it's a good thing that it does bother you. If it didn't bother you, something's wrong. So just chalk it up to being part of it; it's not all a perfect game. Happy hunting! (Now cheer up & think about the next one!)
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    sorry to hear of your lost deer bro. you are a true sortsman though, most would have stopped looking after the first day or 2.

    good for you brother,did all you could!