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    Took my nephew fishin today wanted to go to the ohio but settled for a farm pond.As you know anytime you take kids fishin things just happen some good some well!! different.As we were heading to the pond i told Ben look at that big old bird in the air its a buzzard or a road cleaner as i call them sometimes.Look how he glides along not useing his wings much to flap but to catch the air and ride on it i sure hope he dose'nt and before i even got the words out there was a big plop on my side of the windshield.That bird must have been stopped up or something i never seen so much it almost blocked my view through the windshield.Well that just set my nephew off who laughed so hard tears were comming down the side of his face.Well i turned on my trusty wipers only to just smear it all over because i was apparently out of washer fluid which you always have when you don't need it but never have when you do.So i did the next best thing and rolled down my window stuck my head out and drove all the while breathing in whatever the hell that thing had consumed a week ago that just was now comming out.As i gaged my nephew rolled down his window which gave us a wind tunnel kind of smell of god only knows throughout the truck.Anyway i got the last laugh because i could hold my breath longer than he could.We finally got to the farm pond, bailed out of the truck and looked at each other to see who would clean the windshield off.As i was cleanning the remains of the dead beast off my windshield which was by now dryed up pretty much from the ride i gave it, my nephew started to fish.The putty knife i had behind the seat did the trick and the smell had pretty much evaporated down into hell which im sure it came from.All of a sudden my nephew yelled out i got one which i thought was no big deal since he was bluegill fishing with little ole redworms but after i heard the spiderman rod and reel combo wine as if someone hooked a boat to it i went to see what was going on.He had a good one on and was givin it hell as much as he was gettin it.He than looked at me and said help me which im sure anyone fishing with kids has heard.Well i said heck no your on your own where was you when i was cleanning the rotton carcass off of the windshield.He battled and battled and finally got a 12 lb channel cat in( i did fetch it out of the water for him) boy he was excited and said my arms are wore out.I don't know what test line are in them deep sea spiderman combos but myself i think the man upstairs just wanted to make his day for him.We caught no more fish i never so much as got a nibble and as we rode home he looked at me and said thanks uncle marshall so sincerely than laughed and said i caught more fish than you.And i thanked GOD to myself you did, you sure did.
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    Way to go! It sounds like you guys had a blast!

    Now where is this pond you are pulling 12 lb channels out of, you lucky dog! :spiderman: Spidey wants to know!

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    AWSOME-You have to be prepaired when you take the youngsters......My 6 year ole daughter that despises the smell of fish let alone eat em keeps me informed about our time out last year when yes I got beat up badly befor we went home.She wont even go out again to let me try to get a little dignaty back:wink: says she dont have to DAD you cant fish:big_smile: