Little bull creek -in kansas

Discussion in 'KANSAS RIVERS TALK' started by KansasCat, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. KansasCat

    KansasCat New Member

    Gardner, Kansas
    A friend of mine told me about little bull creek and i was wondering how many Kansas fishermans fish it and how is your luck?
  2. Chris

    Chris New Member

    Spring Hill, Kansas
    I have fished bull creek a few times, I have seen some gar swimmin around but I mainly caught bluegills. Try the Maris Des Cygnes river out, there are plenty of big cats roaming the river.


  3. 600lbs

    600lbs New Member

    gardner kansas
    i lived in edgerton kansas while i was growning up bull creek runs just between gardner and edgerton ks there is a good spot under the i-35 but if you park on the shoulder might get a ticket but luckly i can guide you to it by a back road take ederton exit turn right and about two blocks take another right you will go past a old cemtary there is a old dirt road drive down it untill you cant drive anymore there is a walking trail lead you right to the creek.

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