Little Blue

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    My dad and I hit the Little Blue because I needed a place close and easy to get back to the truck because I am oncall. So we give it a shot. We didn't do any good on the catfish side but we did caught some bluegill and drum and one small mouth bass. So we did good on the bait area, just if we could have gotten them to bite. If this river is anything like the Big Blue that I use to fish, then the cat bite will not turn on til sunset. So we have plans if trying to hit it next friday night. I am hoping to catch one flathead this year. (it is not for lack of trying that I am not catching them either, but I am in a new area so it is a learning curve). Anyone have any info on the Little Blue? I am going to give it a shot this year and next and hopefully find a good hole like I did on the Big Blue.