Listerine for bug spray

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by ldw45, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. ldw45

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    Anyone ever hear of using Listerine for a bug repelant? Misquito spray?
    Just got an email indicating it will work
  2. gottagetabigun

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    never heard of that one but i do know avons skin so soft deters them quite well. used it down in mexico fishing. biting flies were terrible. a few shots of that and the problem was solved. smells a lot better than deet.

  3. Jerry60k

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    Chelyan, West V
    Eat lots of gralic problem solved :smile2:
  4. FS Driver

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    snopes said it wasnt true , but who knows ? try it and see i guess .
    maybe snopes' mosquitos are more listerine resistant:roll_eyes:.

    wouldn't break the bank if it did or didn't work . those machines you can get that attrack and kill are way high .
  5. Coyote1

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    Dear Brother Dean;
    Not to long ago there was a post made by another member that had actually tried it out and said it worked!
    Personally, I have no idea myself but I do intend to give it a try before too long.
    I doubt that the thread/posts have been erased yet by the moderators so you might do some searching on the site and see if it's still around.
    Also, you might wish to check the Library and Archives to see if anything was posted there!
    Hope this helps.
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  6. Dano

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    I've never heard of Listerine for skeeters but just about anything is worth trying once. Might give it a try oneday

    I have learned that perfume, different sweet smelling soaps, really most anything with a sweet smell or taste draws biting flies, bugs, skeeters. Guess its ingredients used in it. And I assume those who eat a lot of sweets. I'm sure what you eat is what you reek.
    Very seldom I get ate up by skeeters , but they still get me. I did read that Irsh Spring soap, the green kind, ( doesn't have a sweet perfume smell to me , more of a fresh smell ) doesn't stop bites but it doesn't draw them in. I have use it for many years, I love and eat lots of garlic, peppers. I dont get ate up by skeeters as bad as others around me. But When it gets really bad, only for sure thing that helps me is Off with deet. I have tried
    many products from burning skeeter repellents to sprays etc. , they all help but spraying myself with OFF, is the only thing that prevents all bites for me.
    Also when I have bank fish and didn't have any OFF , I cut a small hole in side, bottom of beer/coke cans , stand up with open top like a chimney effect. Pack can with pine straw I find in woods by bank. lite it at bottom and it burns slow in can , making plenty of smoke.
    I'll set 3-4 around me. It helps get rid of skeeters/bugs, ( not 100% ), if you can stand the smoke. LOL.
    pine straw smells kind of good to me when burning
  7. Kat-tamer

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    I agree. (might have somethin to do with sellin it :wink:)

    Any how. Skin-So-Soft, original, works well. Non-toxic, so it's great to use on the kids.
    My daughter-in-laws grandfather got west-nile from them little suckers last year, now the whole family uses SSS daily starting in the spring. It is easier to put on the little ones than a deet spray.

    They also have a product called Bug Guard Plus. Works for skeeters and TICKS. Doesn't hurt that it has some SPF too. I hate skeeter bites on a sun burn!:crazy: Not too expensive...especially if ya stock up early when it's on sale.
    Should be coming out on sale pretty soon.

    Just a little information for you doesn't have a smell!:wink:
  8. pythonjohn

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    Back when I was hunting a lot a friend of mine told me to go to the drug store and buy some sulfer and cream of tarter pills they were origanally sold as a mild laxitive.
    Had my douts but after trying them, had no bites and no red bugs no nothing.
    but now they have stoped making them and you can't buy them any more. :angry:

    So now what I do is buy the 99% sulfer in a bag and when I am going to be somewhere I might be atacked by the little biting criters.
    I take a regular butter knife ,dip it in honey...Bout a 1/4 inch, no more, dip it in the sulfer and just lick the sulfer and honey off the knife, you have to do this untill the sulfer gets into your system,.
    WaLa no more bites.
    Most people won't try this ....but it works for me !!

    P.S. the 100% deet works too but as use it you will learn not to get it in your mouth or eyes.
    The more deet in a product the more it works.
  9. bootshowl

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    The Avon skin so soft does work, but not as well as their "Expedition" or "Bug Guard Plus", the Expidition has a sun screen it too.
    Be careful of the stuff it glazes plastics, like sunglasses or watch crystals.
    Might as well use something that smells pleasant to us.
  10. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    To make your campsite mosquito free, try using the Coleman mosquito coils that you light; they burn slowly, like the punk sticks used to light fireworks. The trick is to not simply put one or two on the table, but to put 5 or 6 in a ring around your campsite. We used them extensively when we were up in Montana, and they worked great. I keep some in the motorhome to use down here in Arkansas, but so far, we haven't been bothered that much when camping.