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List Of BOC Awards

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Take a moment and peep over the available BOC awards. If you receive one, it will show in each post you make, and in your profile.
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There will be new awards added on occasion. Great way to strut your stuff! :)
What no good conduct medal? :D
Very nice, will be cool to see them passed out. Always a step ahead with the www boss. Way to go.
Not a bad idea? Hmmmm... ;)
george,"Good behavior"? can you splain that one to me George? :D

(I'm always on my best behavior)
Is good behavior even possible on a site with over 12,000 members?
This ought to be fun.
Good behavior is quite possible. I think probable is a better question. LMAO
NO NO! Time off will be issued for good behavior. Conducting yourself in a good manner is purely ones opinion. LOL! :D
George you are not right brother. Not right at all, LMAO.
Big G, does that mean I'll never get any time off?
Ya got to help me on this one. JW put me up to it.
thats pretty cool paul. nice to see some new cool things. be fun working on some of those.
Got my one and only good conduct medal over 30 years ago. LOL! Stayed away from article 15's long enough to get one. Now,there are several of us who ain't got a prayer. LOL!
i would think that a good conduct award would be given to someone that DOESN'T post on the fire in the hole thread
I do not see anyone on this thread that would do that. (Of course I just took off my glasses and put on a blindfold. LMAO)
Hey Big George Did ya finally get your article? :p
I don't have any idea why you would talk about us like that! Not a prayer, I'll be...
With good conduct awards must come Purple Hearts. Like "I got my feelings hurt". LOL!!! I guess I could of got a couple of em myself back in the day. LOL!
i was just wondering because i won the magic bait contest this time and was wondering why i didnt get my name on the list for it? just wondering and thanks guys!
the award program is for the new site or is there a grandfather clause?
Yep Verlon! There is a Grandfather Clause, but there's a long line... ;)
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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