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    De soto, Kansas
    I have an aluminum vbottom boat 14 ft. And it gets slick in there. I bought some rubber undercoating for my truck which I never put on. If I were to tape off and make rubber strips for grip? Would this work?
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    Hey Nate! I want to do exactly the same thing! I've got a small, aluminum, v-bottom, and I want to coat the floor with a rubber, spray-on lining to add traction, reduce glare, and reduce noise. You mentioned the LINE-X product....I don't remember, but is that a two-part, spray-on coating like what's used for truck beds? If so, I think it will work excellently! The rubberized undercoating that comes in a can, like what you can buy from Wally World would not be a good choice, because it's a one-part coating...meaning it doesn't have a second-part hardening additive that makes it tough. It's the same reason "rattle can" enamel paint doesn't have the durability of true, automotive type paints, because it doesn't have a hardener. Personally, I would choose a color other than will attract too much heat during the won't enjoy fishing if the heat is rolling up off the bottom of your boat, as well as beating down on you from above, and you SURE won't want to go barefoot! Like walking across hot black top with bare feet...OUCH!
    I'm experimenting with a latex coating...specifically elastometric roof coating that you can get at Wally World, or the big-box home improvement stores. It's about $10 a gallon, goes on with a roller, and is apparently plenty tough enough that it can be used as a home roof coating. I'm not sure of the overall durability when used on a wear surface, like a boat deck...and the big disadvantage is it's a bright WHITE, designed to reflect the summer heat off the roof of a house. That's why I'm testing. I've added a little water soluble color...the stuff that's used to color concrete, and cut the glare. The coating is a latex, so adding the water soluble tint shouldn't affect it. Right now I've coated a piece of plywood, and laid it down in front of the house below the door. I walk across it whenever I go in or out, so I hope this will give me an idea how it will hold up if I use it in my little boat. Good luck, and be sure to let us know how your project comes out!

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    I bought some stuff at Oreilly Auto Parts that is alot like line x. I used it on the bed of a flatbed truck and it held up very well. The 1 gal can cost @ 45 bucks & it did the whole bed, I would think it would be great in a
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    let me know how it works i have been thinkin bout tryin it myself