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Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by unclebobo, Feb 25, 2008.

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    Just curious why on the rods of a combo it might say recommened line 10-15 lb test but the reel that comes with it is pre-spooled with 20lb.Also it may say lure weight 1/2-3 oz can you use heavyer line or more weight than recommended?
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    I would try to stay on the smaller side of what the line is rated for.
    You'll get more line on the reel, and you'll cast alot further.
    I don't know why they put alott of heavy line on a combo. If it's a cheap spincast reel like on my daughters barbie rod, the light doesn't even work good.

  3. bownero

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    Usually the cheaper combos are not very well matched. rod and reel. i like to stay within the line recommendations of the rod. a good combo will have a good balanced feel to it. to get the best performance of your setup. stay within the guidelines of the rod and reel. for instance if your reel says 8-12 mono, then find a rod that says 8-12 lb. line class. this will give you the best performance. you wouldn't put a saltwater reel on a ultra-light rod! sure you can go a little more extreme on the line. saying for instance you have an ABU reel thats holds 325yds. of 17lb test line. you can use 40 of even 50lb. test line and still get good performance with the reel. myself I don't like combos. I'd rather buy the reel and look for the rod that has the best balance with the reel.

    Hope this helps!!
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    Walter Flack
    Thats common on the cheaper rod & reel combos. Usually its just a guideline for you to go by. EXAMPLE: It might reccomend 15lb test / of 175 yards but can also perform the same with 20lb test / of 125 yards.