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Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by bronco67, Nov 14, 2005.

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    I was wondering If in anybody infinite wisdom could possibly tell me the difference between monofilament fishingline And mono leader my friend seems to think leader is stronger and more abrassion resistant than regular line of same Lbs test and diameter.And because line is less exspinsive than leader per yard It kinda makes sence look forward to all of your answers thanx
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    Maybe the mono leads are more expensive because they are pre-rigged and convienient. Not sure though, i make my own leads personally

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    Depends on what type of leader material your friend is talking about.When I trout fished in the Rockies we used mono leader spools made by different companys that were made in 25m spools for SPECIFIC charactoristics.For instance leaders made by MASON were genrally stiffer than others.The Japanese pretty much dominated this business.When you are fishing for large trout with 2lb leader material,UNIFORMITY is the key.I have used 1.6 lb leaders with small flys.Limpness is far more important than lets say stiffness or abrasion resistance when you get into these pound tests.As a general rule if you buy leader material is small spool increments say 25-50 yds it will cost you more because the leaders material is GENERALLY held to higher tolerances.You would be much better off buying a mono that has abrasion resistance as its primary feature if that is important to you.The new Stren Duratuf would be an example.Keep in mind all Monos are a compromise or blend of features and none of them have them all.