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Original post made by Darrel Miller(Cornhusker) on February 26, 2005

The line guide pawl has to be free to turn easily in the cap or it will not rotate far enough to engage the return groove in the worm.

Clean ALL the grease off the worm. Then take the line guide, pawl and pawl cap and clean them til they sparkle and then clean them again.

When you put the pawl in the line guide give it a drop of oil. put about a half a drop of oil in the cap before you screw it on and after you have that together put about 3 drops of oil along the length of the worm.

Now be caeful when you put the pawl back in. Be sure it is lined up and drops into a groove on the worm. Screw the cap on finger tight and spin the handle to see that the line guide is moving. Check the pawl cap and snug it down pretty good. If the cap is not tight the pawl will drop down a little and not be engaged properly in the worm.

You may have a little excess oil that will need to wiped off. Not too much. The line guide worm and pawl need a good oil lubrication.
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