line for low profile baitcasters?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by kyledbarnes, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. kyledbarnes

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    south carolina
    what is the best line to use for low profile baitcasting reels, as far as castability?
  2. bigcatmaniac

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    California Miss
    it all depends on what you are fishing for. You need to decide what weight of line you want to use. That will be a big deciding factor for you because a low profile reel wont let you use as much line as a larger reel. Be sure not to over fill your reel or you will run into many unwanted issues out on the water. Just that little bit of information will help you find the right line for your reel.

  3. Snagged2

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    Verde Valley AZ
    I've only used 12# Berkely mono, on a Daiwa megaforce..
    It would probably be a bit better with 10#. Haven't tried any braid. But, so far this setup has caught some pretty nice bass.
  4. Flamekeeper

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    Welcome to the BOC, Bro.

    I started fishing as soon as I could hold a cane pole/stick:smile2: then went on to bigger things like the zebco 202/33's:eek:oooh:,that got into baitcasting. I fished nothing but smaller reels for 15yrs, Then I stepped up into Cat fishing and had to do some major equipment changes:smile2:

    10 - 12# PLine Fluoroclear / carbon ought to be just what you are looking for IMHO.Either one has such a small diameter,super strong and you would get a lot more line on for your money.And its virtually abrasion resistant and invisible when it hits the water:wink: I take it you might be casting lures with this, and this is why I recommend this line, say for instance 1/8-1/4oz bullet weight and 6" worm, 20# Fluorocarbon which is only ( 0.016" )about the same as 10-12# line of another choice brand,This line flys off the reel and lays flat through the guides and will cast that weight at a distance of 40+' on a Quantum 1310MG. some other reels will cast much better than that.

    IMHO, I have never found a smoother casting line that has little to no memory at all..

    Good luck on making your choice.
  5. catchaser19

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    I second flamekeepers recommendation. flouro is good stuff, i just find it to be a little spendy but well worth it.:wink: