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    Okay this may be asking too much. But I'll give it a shot. Does anyone know or have any idea on getting information on different line diameters for monofilament and braided lines? I'm already thinking of next year. I used Johnson Spiderwire as my braid this year and Berkley big Game as my mono. Not real thrilled with the spiderwire and the big game seemed kind of thick for the pound test I would use.
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    Here's a link that has a nice size chart for monos. If it were me, I'd take a middle of the road size for the equivalent mono size for a given braid and use that as my braid diameter.

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    Well, most spools of line have the diameter on them. I know that you can go to Ande's website they have a chart listing the diameters of all of their lines. Stren and Silver Thread list line diameters on their sites too, but not in a chart. You have to click on individial products to see them.

    Big Game is a little thicker for test than other lines, and that's one reason that it's "so much stonger" per lb test than other lines.

    I'd say that Stren is the middle of the road, or average, for line diameter per lb test.

    Ande does their own thing and is in between Stren and Big Game.

    Lines like Silver Thread and Trilene XL are thinner lines per lb rating, but don't offer the abrasion resistance of the average or thicker lines.

    All of the braids are pretty standard on their diameters, for instance, most packages of 50lb braid (that I've looked at) have the diameter of 12lb mono.
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    as a tournament caster here's my take on line diameter. .36 has always been 20lb test line regardless of who made it since all the line in world is made at one of 6 locations worldwide. now to use berkley for example big game 15lb test has a diameter of .36mm (20lb) 30 is .40mm and so on thats why they'll claim there line is up to twice as strong as the competetition read the fine print berkley big game 10lb versus the other labels 10lb but its really 20 vs 10. now if you want to use a certain lb test line you're going to have to track down igfa rated line or line X's ultra thin, magna thin, or whatever they want to call it. then of course there is the exception to the mono rule and that is flouro and hybrid these lines are slightly thicker and will test over because of flouro's qualities. then there's braid braid doesn't use diameter the way mono does braid uses it as a reference for the fisherman so you have an idea of how thick it is before you buy it for example 20lb test with 6 lb test diameter. i hope i have cleaed this up for everyone.