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line capacity

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I'm just getting into catfishing and picked up a used abu garcia 6600bcx. I know the specs on it say the line capacity is 14lb/245yds, but I see people talking about how they run 30lb line, 40lb line, and so on eventhough the reel they have has a lower line capacity rating. How does all this work out? Whats the max pound test line I could put on?
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Thanks for the help. It all makes sense now. I've also done some research on the whole braided vs mono issue too, and I will probably go with a #50 braided line.
yeah if you fish rivers with alot of snags I'd stay away from any braid under 65LBs as they are less abrasion resistant and make sure you use a mono leader, I do 60LB Mono leader with 65LB PP, you could use 30, 40 or 50 though
With me mainly fishing in the Ohio River, there is A LOT to snag a line on. I guess I'll jump up to atleast a 65LB line with mono leader. Thanks for saving me a couple bucks before I bought some 50LB line.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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