Limits on striper

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    I checked with the twra rules and it says that you can only keep two of legal size. Now I might be wrong but a striper is not a native species, right. On rock bass you can keep 20, why such a difference between the two?? :)
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    Stripers require clean water running over gravel for some distance for successful spawning. I don't remember exactly how many miles, but it's at least a couple. From what I've read, on both the Tennessee and Arkansas Rivers, there may be some successful spawning, but not very much. Striper fishing on the Tennessee River seems to be considerably better than on the Arkansas. Tennessee has a limit of two stripers, and they have to be at least 15" long; Arkansas has a limit of six stripers, with no size limit. Now, the difference in quality of striper fishing could easily be due to something else, but it sure makes me wonder.