Limblines and spinnerbaits

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    This is something you ought to try..
    Several years ago i was running some limblines in a local creek, in the areas where there was enough current I would tie on a old cheap spinnerbait and let it sit there and spin in the water, I figured i would catch a few bass..well the next day when I checked them 4 out of the 5 had a nice channel cat on them..the 5th one had trash hung up on the blades..I couldnt beleive how well it actually worked better than the cut bait i was using..I tried a few crankbaits but the treble hooks kept hanging leaves and stopping the action...:wink:
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    I remember reading in the In-Fisherman, how the Linders were being told of stringers of cats being caught while walleye fishing. The cats were being attracted to the flash and thump of the spinners in the walleye rigs.

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