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    Hey all I haven't ever used Throw or limb lines. (When I say throw line I mean a main line with a window weight on the end and leaders all the way down it from bank or a tree in the river and just stretch it out a drop it. ) I am fishing in the Osage and its anywhere from 20-35ft deep. My question is about my leaders from the main line to the hook. How long do they need to be and do I want them hitting the bottom. Same with my limb lines do I want them all the way to the bottom or just so far down. I will be using bullhead and perch mostly for bait. Any help is great appreciated.
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    By throw line you mean trot-line, as far as your **STAGES** mine are all about 6 to 8" long, and use 9/0 hooks on all my setups. I also Put the trotline clips on all of my lines, some people worry about them giving way, but a 9/0 hook will straighten out before the clips do. My main line is #48 braided trotline, Most stuf you buy at walmart is twisted. I buy my tor line string on line at Barlow's bait and tackle, and my stages are #36. I have swivels attached to loops off of my main line, they are spaced out about 6 to 8 feet apart. I use window weights for my weights ususally about 6 to 8 lbs is plenty and I fish the Mississippi. If you have any more questions let me know. Oh, and as far as them hitting the bottom, I would say no, but if you are running from the bank out to the middle and it is 30 ft deep, most your bait is gonna be way off the bottom, might think about dropping a second weight in the middle, some people add jugs between weights to keep the line up off the bottom a bit.


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    I run limblines and i vary my depth. Either a few inches off the bottom or just at the water surface to keep the bullheads thrashing around and making noise. I have had most of my luck with the ones where the bait is right at the surface. Have caught at least one 40lb. flathead a year for the last 3 years this way.
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    I don't run "throw" lines, I think it is illegal in Kansas to have that many hooks on 1 line. 2 is all we can have but I could be wrong, my wife says Iam a lot of the time.

    I do run limb/set lines. I don't set them in more then 10 ft of water. The the other post on 'Limb Lines' I put in there how my lines are set up. I use circle hooks, braid line & 8oz weight.