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    i just read a post that had mentioned limb lines. i want to let everyone know this as i was in the dark about it before. i asked an NC game warden about the use of limb lines in NC since they were not mentioned at all in the regbook last year, he told me that they were not legal to use at all on any NC public water. i don't know if they will be mentioned in the 07 regs, as i have not had the chance to read them yet.

    just a little heads of for those who are fond of using them.

    the game warden also told me that you can secure a jug line to a limb as long as the line securing it has slack in it when the jug is on top of the water. so if u do use limb lines, just put a jug on it as a float, and leave some slack in the line... did this on the cape fear and it worked just fine.
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    not sure what game warden you spoke to but it is legal to set limb lines aka bush hooks on the cape fear river. but you must have your name and contact number on it. and they must be fished daily. i know this because i fish twice a year in a fund raiser that only allows bush hooks and you can only use 25 hooks in the two day tourney. all fish are released unless killed than are given to a local homeless shelter to help feed them. i havee got some stuff for limb lines out of the very large book of rules that they have in raleigh and they are legal. hope this helps clear this up some

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    In a nutshell.....

    1. Limb lines are legal and have been for years.
    2. Regulations are always statewide unless it is a rule for a specified body of water.
    3. Game Wardens try, but don't always understand the rules they enforce.

    Here is the wording from the regulations on everything pertaining to limb lines:

    1. It is unlawful to use live-bait with trotlines, set-hooks or jug-hooks.
    2. Each trotline, set-hook (except jug-hooks) shall have attached the name and address of the user legibly inscribed.
    3. ....each set-hook shall be conspicuously marked at one end with a prominent flag or floating object. Metal cans and glass containers may not be used as markers.
    4. Untended set-hooks, as evidenced by the absence of bait, may be removed from the water by wildlife enforcement officers

    The reason for the confusion probably stems from the fact that limb lines (called set-hooks by the NCWRC) are mentioned under the game fish section of the regulations.

    Since catfish are not game fish anytime you are using a limb line, it is assumed you are fishing for game fish and the catfish are incidental catch. Makes little sense, but that is how it is.

    99% of the yahoos that use set-hooks leave their crap forever on the waters edge for me to look at. I have removed hundreds of abandoned lines. Or was it a game warden? :big_smile:
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    Greg you got that right just about everywhere you go you see old limb lines hanging where someone put out and just left them. :sad2: Its a shame we have these lazy people that try to go catch fish! Its just like the trash people can carry it with them from home but they can't carry it back with them home. They can put out limb lines but they can't take them down when they leave.

    Thanks Greg for the info
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    hey guys... thanks for the info... i don't know the warden's name, but he explained it to me and a group i was fishing with after cutting all of ours down... we had shrimp and halved shad on them... things are alot clearer, and i'll be riggin up some limb lines when i get back on the water, i always take mine down, cause i like to reuse them... it makes no sense to make then and then leave them... and as for the issue with the trash, i'm with u guys on that... its one of the reasons i wanted to get off of the shore, so that i wouldn't even have to look at it anymore, let alone pick it up whenever i go out.

    again... thanks
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    I use limb lines some of the time also.But I too take them down when I leave.It is irratating as heck to see em left hangin so someone can get hung up on one.That is indeed lazy on that persons part in my book for not having the decency to remove them when finished.Same goes for the trash.Leave it like you found it! I had a buddy I use to fish with(notice I said use to) that left his limb lines and his trash one morning after we had finished up.As me and my boat buddy were removing our lines,he come flyin by in the boat heading home.I caught up with him at the landing and asked him about removing his lines.He said he weren't worried about em.Well,I returned to where his lines started and took his down also that morning.I no longer fish with him.Sad people get that way huh?

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    they are illegal here in nebraska but i dont know why they are very effective.