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    limb lines are just one way to catch catfish. The first time i went and fished a limb line was a couple weeks ago and i had a ball. What you need to do is find a deep spot near the bank(the area i put mine at was about 30-40ft deep). Get some nylon string and you can use as long as you want to we had about 8 or 9 lines out and we each line was a different size some were 30ft and others we maybe 15 or 20ft. Next you need to get a big hook it doesnt matter what size as long as it is big enough so you can tie it on the the nylon string. You also need about a 5 or 6oz. wait to sink the bait down(it does not necssarly have to go all the way down to the bottom).For bait i usually catch little brim and just hook them through the back. When you get done baiting them just drop them down. I usually bait them in the mourning around 6:30 and check them about 1:00 or 2:00 and check them again right before dark.Then i will check them again the next mourning (i usually bring bait with me everytime in case a catfish has nawed on it and the fish has came off. That is about all you have to do.Anther thing why i like limb lines so much is because you harldy ever catch little fish most of the time you catch fish over 15lbs. The guy i went with has caught one taht weighed 68lbs.SO GOOD LUCK AND GOOD FISHING
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    As long as everyone remembers to check your state regulations to ensure this is a legal form of fishing for you.

    Sorry, It's a wonderful post, and it's as much fun as bank pole fishing. Just making sure no one gets in trouble!!!