Like to try the Tennessee River

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    Lived in East Tennessee all my life and never had the opportunity to fish the Tennessee River. Is there any good places just outside Ktown to launch and fish???
    And also what is the best bait to use this time of year??
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    Welcome to the BOC, John! Sorry I can't help you with that part of the river. I grew up in Chattanooga, but never fished the river up that far.

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    I believe a good place to start would be below ft loudon dam. Nice ramp about 1 half mile below the dam. Lots of cats and some nice stripers. Skipjack are the bait of choice. I tie two crappie jig in tandem and use erratic retrieve. I cut them for cats and use them alive for the stripers. If you have cast net shad can be caught also. I dont get there that often 2 hrs away. Great fishery. I bought a tennessee atlas a few years ago shows all the launch ramps. great area to fish all around Ktown.
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    The dam is a decent spot and bait is abundant whether in a boat or on the bank. A bit dangerous if you don't know the water well. Several places there are large boulders just under the surface, plus the currents are very tricky. Not a place for a novice boater.

    There are lots of deep holes on outside bends in the river on Ft. Loudon Lake. Skipjack and shad are excellent baits, but cut bluegill works well also. PM me and I'll be glad to put you on a few honey holes.

    A GREAT PLACE TO NIGHT FISH is the old Northshore Drive bridge. TDOT built a new one and did not tear down the old one. Hang a lantern down to the water so boats will know you have lines out, and don't block the navigation channel to Turkey Creek, but you have 40 ft of water on an outside bend. Saw a lady catch a 65 lb blue from the bridge on a pushbutton Zebco! (husband helped her a good bit, and some guys went down to the bank below the bridge to get the fish!) You can drive out on the bridge, set up, and relax.

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