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I know most people don't use much light or any while catfishing,especially for flatheads.I personally use a perrty bright light and have never had a problem catching faltheads,one reason being is I fish deeper than most.Anyway the reason for the post is to talk about lighting systems.I'm gonna tell ya'll what I finally came up with and then ya'll can post up and compare.I like most started out with a lantern years ago.Then i went to the 12volt RV bulbs(60watt) incandescent .The light was so-so.I used them for a year or two then I found the 12volt fluorescent bulbs(60watt) thats only pulled 15 watts of battery saving battery life.This is a great lighting system ,but the con is the bulbs are 12-16$ break a couple and you feel like a dummy.Well here recently I went and bought me a small AC-DC inverter.I can plug it in the outlet on my boat,plug my light system up to it and burn a regular household fluorescent blub.Same wattage,60watt that pulls a mere 15watts of battery.These lights are bright and if you dont light bright light you can go with a less watt or the yellow bug bulbs.12 volt stuff is just a little more costly than ac.I've since then bought a 350 watt inverter to install in the boat ,only downfall is it has a cooling fan on it that runs all the time,draining the battery even more.The best way is the small inverter that plugs in your cig-lighter.It's only about 10-25$ depending on where you get them.I just like my light.It's like sitting on the front porch fishing.Does anyone else use a system like this?
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I don't know where you fish, but I don't use lights for another reason... Bugs.
Sounds like a good set up though. I just use those little halogen lamps that go on over your cap, and then I have a 2 million candlepower spotlight that I use to get home.
Mudhole, I bought 1 700W inverter the other day, with the same idea in mind, as well as running drills, etc from my truck. Then I got to thinking about the safety side of it. My inverter has a grounding lug. I don't know how safe it would be using 120V ac in the boat. Anybody have ideas? I know some people use generators for operating lights. I haven't read the instructions for the inverter yet, just wondering what other's might know about it.
a few years ago my girlfriend ordered a set of those touch lights off of tv. I now use them at nite when fishing. The first time the bugs were terrible, than a friend of mine told me to wrap em with the colored suran wrap.(the clear plastic you cover food bowls with and such, but the new colored kind, red, blue etc etc.) they work great. Its enough light to see to bait hooks, etc etc. They run off of AA batteries. They are the ones that you push down the light cover and the light comes on, then click em down again and they go off. On tv they are like, 7 or 8 lights for 19.95, but you can get em at walmart or from ebay, ebay is alot cheaper. Just a thought someone might consider.
Well bugs can be thick at times,but I usally don't mind them.I don't know if theres a place that the bugs can be thicker than Santee.Most the time there's at least a slight breeze to keep them down,they just don't bug me really.As far as the inverter Tommy,this is a Marine inverter.It's super nice and well worth the $$$.I don't think I'll be using it for much more than lights,Drills and stuff like that I won't need on the boat,but it's nice to have in your truck I'm sure.I wouldn't want to use anything that would drain my batteries too quick.Tommy the small 75 watt inverter I have plugs in you cig-lighter is all I need to run lights.
I have 2 ultra nite stalker that has black lite on one side and clear lite on the
other side they really help see that clear line at night.they may draw a few bugs but not bad enough to be a daytime eyesight is not what
it used to be but i have been BLESSED with great night vision.i know your
not supposed to do this,but i am able to navigate better at night with the
lights off.i know what you are thinking already and you are probably right,
there is going to be a big CRASH sometime.
Man you better keep those running lights on bro,I know what ya mean though,you can see better,but Mr DNR won't listen to ya.I had a boat crash in broad daylight at 60 mph and it wasn't no fun nor my fault,safety first man.Take care of youself.I run a huge spotlight now,I use to be a rebel,My son changed that :D
Yeah, Mudhole, I've been through these things a few times before with DNR, sometimes I think they just don't want to be nailed down to a definitive answer (responsibility and all that, ya know).
Those touch lights sound like a good option, Jason (I wish everyone's real name would show with their user name, like they used to). I also have an Optronics fish light (green) that is not supposed to attract insects, but haven't really tested it yet. I did use it for a short time at Santee last week, and it seems to work great. I did see quite a few boats using them around the area, so someone must like them, and they do give off plenty of light to see by. I may try that and a 110V with the inverter the next time I go.
im with you MUDHOLE KID safety first,I will keep the lights on,also dont want
anymore problems with the DNR,they didnt have any sense of humor when
many years ago in indiana,when i opened bow season for deer 2 weeks early
with a gun.many big bucks $$$$$$$$$.it did get my attention.that converted
me from outlaw to law abiding citizen real quick. :cool:
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