Lights at night?

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What color of submerged light do you use?

  1. White

  2. Green

  3. Other

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  1. Bullfoot

    Bullfoot New Member

    I was wondering how many of you night fisherman submerge lights at night. If you do, do you use white or green?
  2. n2fishn

    n2fishn New Member

    John,it's been a couple yrs since i did it but use to do real good on Blues at Milford,and channels at Melvern and Perry using lights.

    What it does is attracts the bait fish and then the wipers,or whites will follow and the cats follow right below them.For color i used both with no real differance seen.I aways used both floating and submerges lights.

    It's a great way to beat the heat of the summer being out there and night.

  3. KSCats

    KSCats New Member

    Neosho Rapids, Kansas
    I picked other, don't use them. I've thought about trying them but haven't yet.
  4. jolie

    jolie New Member

    I think they're hooey.:wink:

    most catfish wander at night looking for dead and stinky smells. that ole light does nothing to attract your average bottom feeder.

    Just My opinion. Jason
  5. rush_60

    rush_60 New Member

    Troy, KS
    I believe they use green submerged lights at sanatee cooper in SC, along a bridge or dam. You might ask the SC guys what they think of them.
  6. mandingo

    mandingo Member

    ive used both white floating lights and the submergeable green lights for night time is a blast to sit there and watch what all comes thru to feed.they both serve the same purpose.
  7. JimmyJonny

    JimmyJonny Well-Known Member

    I will give you some examples of some things I personally know. My friend catches all the bait for our bait shops here , mainly blueback herring, sometimes gizzards. He runs the sodium lights , generator, 600gal tank...the works. So this shows examples on high power light.

    While catching the herring he also at times gets a lot of Crappie in the nets . Hybrids do like the light and are seen often feeding . Stripers tend to say back but he has gave me reports on big ones actually smacking his net of herring as he brings it up. I asked about cats being caught and he said it's rare ( and the nets do drop to the bottom ). But that doesn't mean they aren't there , just sitting back....chillin with the Stripers ?

    Now the guy I fish with loves the crappie lights on ( he is a Striper guy ) . We still catch all our own herring and threadfins but the light is only a white 12v crappie light......and we draw in thousands every night no problem. I see no need for a green light. It really doesn't take bait to long to find any light , any color. "IF" they are in the area , within 45 minutes, they will show up.

    I hate lights on , maybe for the bait catching but that's it. I've caught most of my Pb's without lights...... now my buddy who likes lights...he got a cat over #50 with lights on . Now it's hard to argue it, LOL.

    The only fact I know is they draw in bait and that does bring in certain predators. Does it helps for cats ? wish I knew for sure , but for now , I keep the lights off .