Lighting them up at south bay!!!!

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    Hey guys the channels are pretty hungry in the bay lateley. I have some pics to post but just have to get around to it. Anyway chicken liver is the ticket. Last night we slammed a total of 9 cattys at the bay and lost about a 12lber. My brother slammed about an 18lber and a 4lber. My father slammed about a 6lber. My friend jeremy caught a 10lber. I ended up catching 6 all together. a 12lber, a 10lber an 2- 8lbers and a couple 5lbers. It was definitely one of my best nights of the year. Last sunday night I went in the rain and ended up with 4 cattys a 12lber an 8lber a 7lber and a six to top it off and lost a monster. Put it this way a decent sized cat usually bends the pull about 1 1/2 ft when twisting sideways in the water. THis time my pole was bending about 3ft with a twist. He came in to easy and when He got to shore He took one look at me and was gone took a fast run and spit the hook. WHen I looked down I saw a head that was about a a foot wide. This fish was easily 25lbs the one that got away. The fall has definetly turned out to be the best time in my book. I will post some pictures when I get some more free time.
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    P.S. All were caught on fresh chicken livers

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    Thanks for the post Frank. Man you guys really hammered them, cant wait to see the pics. I havent been able to get out, and dont know if ill be able to before it gets to cold.