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    This is one style of jug I use on a dark night. I have played around with this about two years and got it where it works well and you can see it about a quarter mile.

    Here is a material List and Instructions on how to make it

    Material List:

    1) 1 pc 18" sewer PVC

    2) 1 ea 3" in PVC cap

    3) 1 ea 3" PVC clean out assy

    4) 1 pc 12" long 3/4" PVC

    5) 1 ea 3/16 eye bolt w/nuts and washers

    6) 2 pc 12" long of stranded wire

    7) 1 ea code alarm roller switch

    8) 1 ea 9volt battery, 1 ea 9 volt battery holder, and 1ea 12v light sealed, all this comes Radio Shack

    Tools Needed:

    drill ,1/2 bit,1/8 bit, soldering gun, and a hot glue gun

    Assy. Instructions:

    (1) Drill an 1/8" hole into the center of the PVC cap and thread the eye bolt into the hole, using washers and nuts on both sides.(2) After that put some silicone on i and glue the cap onto the pipe. (3) Now drill 1/2" hole into the center of the PVC clean out.solider the to wires onto the lite and place it into the hole and silicone it in.(4) Now epoxy the 3/4" PVC into the center of the clean out.(5) Now mount the switch onto the 3/4" pipe so its trip at a 15 degree angle. (6) Now wire it up Take one wire from lite and go to the switch. Take the other switch wire to one side of the battery.Take the other battery wire to the lite.(7) Now put a ring of reflective tape on it so you can see it when there is not a fish on it. Good luck If you need anymore information just send me a PM