Light TOWER or Light HOUSE

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    Light TOWER or Light HOUSE
    We did BOTH today ...... dicked around with the idiots at the tower , i swear i will never go back every time i go but my guest has never been and thats where she wanted to go , ......had the old HO Harvey and Q with her friend Penny.....every body got pullage until we were fed up and had enough....wreck hopped on the Tug and Santore with so so seabass.......then eased over to the Lighthouse of Cape Henry and with'in 3 minutes had a nice spanish added to the 2 hours every other fish was a blue then a spanish then a blue again.......5 Kts in 30 to 50 ft of water all with 1/4 mile of the green can in big big spoons w/ 4 & 6 oz inlines - 10 ft leaders water temp was 76* at Cape Henry & 71* at the CLT..... A good day when every person on the boat gets pullage on Spadefish,Seabass,Bluefish & Spanish Maceral !!

    Aint even unhooked the boat in 3 days ( Doug & I went yesterday ) back at 'em......

    T_O_M_O_R_R_O ~~~~~~~~~~~

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