Light shocking fish into action.

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by Goldenshinner, Sep 18, 2007.

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    very odd topic but interesting so i will bring it up. recently i herd what i would classify as a urban ledgend type technique of shinning the river in the surounding area of fishing when the bite is too slow. interstingly i can see that if the fish arent moving then this might shock them into moving. but on the same token i have seen good nights stop after turning on a white light only to resume heavy action roughly an hour after the light went out.(white not yellow or red). i normaly would not engage in such a thing especialy fishing in close quarter with other groups, as this can be outright dangerous in some streaches of the river .any one else hear of such a technique??
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    Never heard of that one, but I have seen some strange things. There's an area at the dam that we used to fish where the action deffinately picked up after a boat would go by and do donuts and stir the fish up. Kind of similar, so who know?

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    Well remember that big topic that Jason started (rollo) About the lights and Disturbing the flat heads, I think that would really come into play, It may make the fish move but move to get away from the light not to bite. After reading that thread i started to make the use of my light more and more lightly, I put the lantern way back off the bank and only use it when really needed. What I'm basically saying is i believe that would be myth busted. Because all you successfully doing is Scaring the fish to move away from the light, If a fish doesn't want to eat it won't eat kinda like leading a horse to water but not being able to make it drink.
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    it is strange. but the fellows who were doing this were indeed catching fish. so i was surprised. they were even doing some type of driving the cattle. shinning the river down stream and up. didnt seem sporting especialy after my area got real quiet after being shinned.
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    Using an artificial light to lure or attract fish,or to see fish when
    spearing,is unlawful.QUOTE][/QUOTE]

    This is taken from the 2007 MN DNR Fishing Regulations. Depending on how the DNR office interprets what is written here, I would say what they were doing was not only unethical, but also illegal. I would think that "herding" fish could be deemed as luring away from the light source and to their hooks.

    Since catfish are so much less reliant on sight than other fish, the light would allow other fish to see the catfish better, thus taking away its advantage while hunting prey. So I would agree that the light would indeed be useful for "herding".
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    I too think that has a good possibility of working. Think of getting up in the middle of a movie to go get something to eat. What usually triggers that, an interuption by a commercial usually some kind of great new burger or beverage. You may have not really been hungry but the interuption plus the sight of food made you say what the heck. Sounds plausable to me.
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    One of the places we fish, is around a boat dock and we notice an increase of bite right after a boat is launched or taken out?

    I guess the boat stirs up the bottom and stuff on the bottom starts to float and the fish hit it?