Light Pole For Night Fishing

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    Original post made by Tim Lange(Doctor) on July 5, 2004


    Here's my set-up that I currently use it's a light pole that I built, twin 55 watt flood lights from Wallymart, mounted on a six foot tall, 2in PVC has a switch mounted in it,All the wires are inside and out of the weather, used all stainless steel hardware to hold it all together so if I have a problem it can be easily disassembled, mainly use it for lighting up the boat when netting a Flathead, the bugs stay up high so never in your face, the pole slides down into the front seat pedestal in the front of the boat. I can turn the pole around and use it for docking if I have to. Plugs into the 12 volt in the front panel on the boat, this thing really lights the boat up well, almost ten feet on each side of the boat and better than 20 foot towards the back.....Doc