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    Camden, South Carolina
    I just wanted to let everyone know how Sunbird, PopPop and Big Bird saved my rear end this tournament weekend.

    As you all know, Pam (Ricky's wife) was intending on selling bait at the boat ramp for the tournament. Well, she hit a big snag at the last minute and wasn't able to deliver. We knew people had made plans based on believing bait was gonna be there, so she called me for help, and I just couldn't leave everyone hanging.

    Unfortunately for them, Sunbird, PopPop and Big Bird happened to be at the lake, planning on a weekend of fishing. But I couldn't do it by myself.

    So, instead of spending their Friday night pre-fishing as planned, they spent it helping me catch up a tank full of bait.

    Then, just to make things even more interesting, the battery died and the pumps quit on the bait tank in the middle of the night. And all but one lone shad died.

    So, Saturday, Sunbird and Pop- er, make that CAPTAIN Pop Pop spent ALL DAY helping me catch bait. And it was a heck of a sight harder to do during the daytime.

    Then, Pam sold out of bait, so the first part of the tournament for me was spent...catching bait. For my partner and I to fish with. Who I would like to apologize to, by the way. Hate that I did you that way, Bill. But I didn't feel like I had a choice.

    All of these guys helped me out at a big sacrifice to themselves. Now THAT's BIG STUFF!!!

    True friends.
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    Wished you had said something Gator. I had a few extra bait you could had. You have helped me in the past and i still owe you. I only used 1 shad because it wasn't the bait i wanted to use. I just got them from her to help out. I haven't used shad for over 2 yrs.:embarassed: I kinda got were net throwing ain't my thing anymore so i couldn't help you much there but you are welcome to my bait anytime. That is kinda cool those guys givin up there trip to help a friend, but they were helping someone that would had done the same for them. All ya guys are the best.......and thanks bigbird for the help you gave me (the reel deal):big_smile:
    the money from the tournament has allowed me to take people fishn that can't afford to go on there own. Anytime i'm blessed enough to place i save back for gas/oil to take others less fortunate. The smile on there face is worth it
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