Life jacket sale!

Discussion in 'Boating' started by beakus, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. beakus

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    derby kansas
    went to wal-mart this weekend and they had there life jackets on sale for about $13.00,so i decided it was a good time to pick up a few odd sizes for spares
  2. Ol Man

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    Hangin' out with this group, you won't have a problem findin' some odd people to wear 'em...:smile2:
    People do not plan to fail, they just fail to plan.

  3. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    You certainly are right about that JEB:crazy::big_smile::smile2:Ever since I had to rescue five children from a floundering boat 2 years ago at Santee I have had second thoughts about the life jacket thing.Sure I had enough of those orange ones you get for 10 dollars and a couple of Stearns zip ups from my bass fishing days and of course I have 2 throwable cushions on board.When the two fishermen drowned during a tournament down there last year I decided to do something.I read up on the Coast Guard requirement,and the different types of LPs.I have decided that if the LP doesnt float you head and face up when you are unconscious then it wont do you much good.It should also have lots of reflective surfaces/tape and a whistle pocket.West Marine started selling one to fit the bill and I have bought some.They are about 40$,big and bulky to be sure,but they will do the job.None of us can predict how we will arrive in the water or the water temp at the time so I want to be upright,visible even at night, and have a noise making device like a whistle because shouting just exhausts you.Last time I was down to Santee over the 4th I put one on and tried it out.Works good and now I know it works good and it kept me upright even in the 10,000 wakes from all the jet skiers:smile2::big_smile:
  4. odtimr

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    Last week at Wal mart their automatic inflatable life jackets reg $97.46 on sale $74.00 got one. Ever since last year when me and the canoe tangled and it won, mostly cause I was perched up on a folding chair which gave me fits upside down in the water with it on top and wrapped in the anchor rope. Some how I won and now I been thinking of all the make up for time I better be starting before meeting my maker. Luck
  5. jeremiad

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    There is another great company that sells some great marine products at great prices...

    They offer an Extrasport Osprey Fishing PFD that is outstanding for the price ($69.95). There are other boating safety items that are priced well, too.