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    Lenoir City, TN
    Fished tonight on the licking river where it dumps into the ohio. Got there at around 7:30 and stayed till around midnight. Only caught one, he was about a 5lb channel cat. I caught him on a crawdad tail. I was using 3 different baits. I had a live bluegill on one that got hammered once then never touched again all night. I also had some cut creek chub that got a few bites but nothing that stuck, and then the crawdads. Mostly I used them alive, but switched to the tails when I got a few bites that did not stick. It was a slow night with alot of traffic. I was bank fishing on the newport side and had guys screaming past me all night. I am going to get my boat out there soon. I think right there at the mouth is going to hold some fish, I just need to get out there and scout it out. It was a catch and release night. He is still swiming for the next guy to catch. At least I didn't get skunked. I'll keep ya'll posted if I get out there again soon.
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    its been a few years but i caught a nice 20 pound blue on that covington side on live bluegill think it was up just a little you could get down there but there was.only about five feet.between me and that old stone wall

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    if i were fishing the licking id go to the 12th street bridge. when i worked on the tugboats that u see pushing tank barges in there id see guys always catching good flatties by that bridge
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    at least you didnt get skunked......:roll_eyes: