Licking River

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  1. Cherokee

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    Anyone Fishing The Licking River Any ?
  2. kyelkhunter3006

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    Fished it for years in NKY. My home waters, really. I haven't personally caught anything huge out of it, but they are there. Biggest anything was around 10lbs, being a flathead, a channel cat, and a carp. Gar up to about 3 feet (never weighed them). Tons of smallmouth, gill, and drum (called white perch locally, for some reason).

    I know a couple of noodlers, ticklers, grabbers, whatever you want to call them. :big_smile: They've pulled flatheads to 75lbs out of the river. 30-40lb fish show up regularly. I've seen gar 6 feet long as well. :crazy:

    I've tangled with some flats that went 30lbs or more. Usually got my butt whipped. One broke off right as my cousin was about to grab him. Others usually tangled me up in timber. That was before I discovered "catfish" tackle. That was also before I had kids and their: sports, school, karate, friends, and BILLS. :wink: Not nearly as much time to devote to the river right now. I miss it, it's a nice place to while away a day.