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Licking river (dillon tailrace)

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anyone fishing the licking river between dillon dam and the muskingnum river
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ive had great luck at the spillway around the begining of the month , then i moved to atlanta, no biguns down here yet.......i think i got the best spot on the spillway but its a hell of a walk....i walk up n around to the other side, down on the rocks and then all the way back to the highwall there is a relatively flat rock down there, cast about 5 foot out and thats the sweet spot it seems like............i dont know if that rock is usually under water since the water has been so low lately......does anyone know the spot im talking about???
Hey Tony, I don't know of any good spots, but I have heard of some nice fish coming out of that stretch.
i cant wait to fish the spillway next summer.....i cant catch a fish down here in ga worthy of a profile pic.........but next time i visit ohio i should have a few pics to download to the site......
Just download your pretty face...LOL ;)
i would but no digital camera..........and im not gonna buy a disposable cam just for my profile unless there is a fish in
Went to dillon spillway for a couple hours today. Had two hits and that was it. I don't think they will be hitting in there until after they get done fixing the ramp. The water has been coming out the discharge extremely fast at times in the last few weeks.
Nice to see someone is getting out there! Keep us posted.
whats going on with the spillway?? will it be fixed by july??
They were doing work to the boat ramps in the lake. They have the spillway shut way down and are filling the lake back up now.
jason454ci said:
They were doing work to the boat ramps in the lake. They have the spillway shut way down and are filling the lake back up now.
That's awesome news!!!
I read in this weeks outdoor news that the repairs to the marina docks and the boat launch will only take a couple to 3 weeks. Right now the water level is supposed to be 9ft lower than normal summer pool. I drove around the north end today and its high and dry. Just a shallow trickle from the licking pouring in. Wish they would use this draw down to dredge the upper portion.
If you think it looks high and dry now you should have seen it last week. It was five feet lower then it is now. Today it is back up to normal winter level. Three feet more and it will be at summer pool. Which should take about three days at the rate it is filling now.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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