Lewisville Report 8/8/08

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    I finally got to take my wife out for a little fishing. We didn't have a lot of time, but made the best of what we had. We started out around 7:00 pm and she wanted to chase the sandies. We hit some of the usual spots, marked some fish and tons of bait but didn't have any takers. We changed tactics about 8:00 and went after some cats. Got set up on a shallow flat and begn catching right away. We pulled anchor at 9:15 when the winds picked up and headed to the house to relieve the baby sitter. Final number was 15 keeper channel cats to 4 lbs. All caught on Secret 7 fished on Carolina rigs.
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    ive been doing really good around the lake park area in lewisville fishing from the bank in early morn useing DK blood no real size biggest this month there was a 6.4 blue i always fish over by the big rocks got to be out there as the sun is coming up the seems to be the key late november to early january that area hold some really nice blues 20 to 30 pound range but only if you can get your baits onto the ledge of the channel from what ive heard the point by the barge all the way to the point in lake park has been dubed catfish cove and for good reason

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    sounds like a very nice time on the water, Congrats and good luck in the future