Lewis Smith lake, AKA 'the Dead sea!'

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  1. thudpucker

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    Culman AL
    This is one tough lake to catch anything out of.
    Great fishing, lot's of water all to yourself, but not much catching.:sad2:I'm mostly after meat.
    Cat's n' Crappie.
    So far I've caught a few Bass, some four pound fish on plastic worms, but no Crappie and nothing on my trot line.
    What's up with that?
    Anybody have any ideas they want to share?
  2. Mickey

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    Dick Welcome to the BOC, from So. Illinois. Sorry I can't help you on this lake. :0a23::0a25::0a25:

  3. thudpucker

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    Culman AL
    Thanks Mickey. Glad to be here.

    Tues evening I went out on Smith and found a likely looking place in the old creek bed.

    The nominal depth along the creek bed was 40-60' but this spot was up to 28' to 32' which must have been an old landslide.
    I must be in a wrong place. IE I thought that little high spot in the old creek bed would force the moving water up over the slide. Leaving an area of dead space in the current just below the slide.
    So I set hooks in the streambed down stream, in the slack water.

    I put down my little Five hook Trot line set.
    My hooks are 10' apart.
    I had a 10 Oz weight at one end and the float coming up off the other end.
    All night with that stuff on the hooks and not even a Sucker.
    I went out early Wed and fished nearby for awhile.
    Finally after daylight I pulled em' up and nothing!

    How long do you have to leave the sets down?
    I put them down at Dark, and picked them at Daylight. That shoulda done it eh?

    For Bait,
    I used some stuff I bought at WalMart but it never worked in another place I tried it.
    So this time I mixed up some Fresh Chicken livers, crushed Garlic, Anise extract, Vinella Extract and some extra virgin olive oil we had.
    I blended that into a fine soup.
    I put a gob of it in a piece of Panty Hose, along with a chunk of the WalMart stuff and wrapped it around the Treble hooks.

    Could it be I shoulda used just plain fresh chicken livers?
  4. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    change your bait and presentation. I think some experimentation is in order
  5. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    You might try using live shinners the bigger the better. That lake
    is 45 miles from my house and I don't fish it. Its to deep for me
    the fish suspend at a comforable depth and stay there running shad.
    They may be 45ft. deep in 110 ft. of water. I can't do much with
    fish like that. I just go to the Tennessee River and leave Smith Lake
    to someone better than me.
  6. fugeman

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    I fish Smith alot for bass but not for cats. Just come a lil bit more north and fish Wheeler. Crappie should start biting down on Smith soon. If you wanna come fish Wheeler sometime give me a holler.:wink: