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This started me thinking after the post about the guys that were caught with so many Bass. We have this happen each day here in Tn with ever fish we have. Even Catfish but the issue is if its under 34” they don’t care what or how many you take out each day. As posted below its happening each day here in Tn. Out of state fisherman take out fish to sell in other states . We have so many people that could care less if they are wiping out a body of water. They take each fish be it a 12 lb blue or 75 lb blue. Its all one big fish fry for them.
I wish they could catch every person that does this. We have so many that think its Ok. To go out get there limit then come in clean them go back out catch a limit and do it 2 or 3 times per day.. Be it Bass,Crappie, Catfish or what ever they think its Ok. Now take Tn we have thousands of people each day come to Tn load up on Catfish. Then take them back to joining states and sell them. Being it’s legal to keep 1000 lbs per day they are not breaking the limit law.
But Its not legal to sell there catch, But here at Pickwick I see it each and every day the same boats catching from 100 lbs to 500 lbs per day. Then take there legal catch back to Ms and sell them. Not sure what Ms thinks of this? But You show me a Fisherman that's keeping 1000+ lbs of fish a week do this every week from say Feb to Nov each year. You know they are selling them...... The Wardens would know it if they cared.
We have this happening here but never see it in the papers or the Late Breaking news.. But just as the guys that made the news over Bass. I wish we could find a way to make it happen all over the states where it goes on each day.
Sorry for getting on my soap box. But its always happed and will keep going on. People think its there’s to haul out as many as they can. We have some locals near me they have to haul out there catch. Don't eat them but have to show off the dead fish. Then if they find someone that will take them they give them away. Or throw them in a creek dead or even a ditch. Ones wife told me this week. That she was thinking about cleaning them and selling what they were catching.. I'm here best friend now. As I asked here if she had looked into the law? Quote(There out fish we caught them I can do what ever) Well I told here the Cops would be there as soon as she started selling them. But it will never make the news as her Husband is retired from you guessed it He used to be a COP>....... But now thinks nothing of breaking the law.
I think I will start sending each official in the State of Tn a E-Mail each week. And see what it will take to get a limit put on our cat fishing? You know if TWRA gets flooded with E-Mails each week from Thousand of us. We may just get that law started.. But as long as people don't care or say its just a stinking cat fish. Guess what? It will never happen. We need to stand up and not care if its a Bass or Cat fish. There all fish and if we do this we may just well have a better place to fish in the years to come.

Heres an address for TWRA Please send them a E-Mail each week for the rest of the year. I bet if we can send enough to them. They will at least look into it. [email protected] <[email protected]> Funny thing is not so long ago in Tn a Catfish was placed on the list as a Game fish. Now where do you see Game fish being sold and nothing being done about it
But I have not seen where they still have Catfish listed as Game fish. So they may well have taken them back off the list. We have 2 or 3 elected officials that get to tell TWRA what can and can’t be on fishing. As they have family that’s commercial fish. So they in part try to set the rules where they fit there need. Not what’s best for fishing and the State of Tn. Just like our 34” rule they fixed it where they (Commercial guys can keep one over 34” per day.) They just get around that by doing like so many others going more then one time per day or getting there buddy’s to take one each and keep them for them until they get ready to haul them off.
I don’t think we will see a limit anytime soon. But would love to see it where say 15 or so fish per day Is the limit. That would stop the ones selling them each day. I have even had some of them brag about how they make an extra $500 per week fishing and enjoying there self’s. As there retired and its ok.
Again sorry for getting on my soap box. But we have to start somewhere with this. I’m all for the person feeding this family fish just not the ones taking out boat loads of good fish each day to show off.

Fisheries Management [email protected]

Just a note each week may well get something started..

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Here is some more information about Pickwick Lake...

Reciprocal Agreements

Tennessee has several reciprocal agreements with adjacent states. These agreements have been arranged so that any fishing license from either Tennessee or the corresponding state is valid in the following waters. Creel limits and other regulations of the state where the license was issued apply.

ALABAMA/MISSISSIPPI - Pickwick Lake - Applies to anyone with a valid Sport Fishing License from Tennessee, Alabama, or Mississippi. Resident anglers of the three states may fish without purchasing a nonresident license anywhere within the boundaries covered by the agreement. The reciprocal area includes all impounded water from Pickwick Dam upstream to Tennessee River Mile 224.8, at the mouth of Bear Creek, but does not include Bear Creek and does not include that portion of Yellow Creek above the Hwy. 25 Bridge.

This here is a reason why you might see them catch them and sell them. ( Mind you NO ONE should be catching several hundrends of pounds of any type of fish [ Except bait fish, which is legal ] to resell them for profit.) Unless they have a proper commerical licesnce which is still an "iffy" subject.

Not sure about the TWRA being able to take many steps to do this, in my honest opinion, this is that the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources should step up and do something. Here is some contact info for them...

Parks and Conservation Operations
Mike Carlton, Assistant Commissioner
(615) 532-0022


Department of Environment & Conservation
Jim Fyke, Commissioner

Attached are is information from the TN TWRA about commercial fishing and re selling of fish.


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The state legislature are the ones that make the laws. So also write your repersentive from your district (state legislature now) and ask them to pass laws to stop this and put the catfish back on the game list.

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Never can tell.
About 25 years ago there was a monumental investigation going on in NC with selling striper.
It spanned all the way to Maryland.
Death threats and the whole 9 yards.

Nobody knew a thing until the late breaking news was showing people in handcuffs.
Over several years TONS of striper being removed and sold in and out of state were documented.
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