Lets Turn this into a, Whats your Best SECRET?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by r_dejaynes, Jun 19, 2007.

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    I feel the only way to learnis to get information out there..lets all put it on the table...and see what ideas are out there and what working for catching CATS..and maybee we will spark and new wave of baits and bigger fish!!! I CAN DREAM CANT I??

    OK guys....Im in minnesota right now living in a hotel, while my daughter is in hospital. So feel free to contact me if your in the Minneapolis/Saint paul area..ill be back in the Galesburg, Ilinois area next month!

    Ok my secrets.....just from the last few years......
    I have never caught more than a 4-6 lb Cat. But for a regular joe, an bunch of them make a good meal. I am drolling over all thiose photos of peole on here with 50 lb, monsters. Befor ijust wanted to catch cats....NOW I JUST WANT ONE>>>JUST GIVE ME ONE OF THOSE BAD BOYS>>JUST ONE
    anyway..... I use Sonny's supper sticky catfish bait regular formula. Sonny Hoatman of Iowa makes it..and its what every one uses in Illinois, Iowa on the mississippi. I always get bites all year. My buddy swear by BOSS HAWG. Well last summer nothign was biting....4 of us ina boat...no luck...they were using worms...i was using the dip bait. I started to get bites....and i BET you all can guess the rest....EVRYONE GRAB THE DIPBAIT!
    Well it was too thick....so we usally use peanut oil to thin the mixture down or flour to thicken. well we were out of peanut oil. and it was to thick to stick that day. Somy buddy threw me his ten year old berkly bass atractant...ya now the stuff inthe little squirt bottle. I mixxed it in and everyone went nuts.....fish started hitting left and right!!!! bam i cant remember it was either sonny or boss Hawgs..but anyway it worked all day for evryone.after 6 hours of nothing!!!!!
    OK my name is Russell DEJAYNES of Abingdon ILLinois and that my claim to faim. Because, I went looking alround for the berley at alt he big stores..and found some at GANDER MOUTAIN. me and the Sales clerk started talking and He got my secret out of me....AND he said they harley even stocvked the stuff....NOW THIS SUMMER i went into the stores and they are all carry Berrkly adnnow its got three new flavors...original, BASS, and CATFISH......one year after i told the rep about it...!
    So theres my claim tofame....NOw oplease tellme how to catch them big ones....That was my deep held secret! that and we use chicken liver tied up in side of panty hose BALLS on treble hooks....that works good too. they cant the liver off the hook with out getting snagged.
    HA HA..and form worms a use thetiney hook possible...that way when they suck it in..they always get caughts....but that produces gut hooks..and i dotn like killy babies that way..which happens alot so i QUIT doing that.
    OK Im Open lets turn this thread into a YOUR SECRET THREAD!
    "If ya wanna live life by your own terms, ya gotta be willing to crash and burn"...SIXXDOG
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    Sherman IL
    No secret to catching the hawgz really.. Put the stink bait down and fish LIVE bait. That and patience....:wink: .. You wont get the action you do from Sonnys. You may go a bunch a times without even a bite... But when you do, be ready for a freight train trying to pull ya in the water.....


    BIG GEORGE New Member

    My biggest secret is fish with one of the most under rated over looked baits in the water. Eels my good man. Ya won't be dissapointed.
  4. r_dejaynes

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    Ok ..im new at this..so help me out folks!!! ha ha...Ask and you shall recieve!!! MORE QUESTIONS!!! I guess ishould have posted lets put out our secrets and gave a little format for us truelly new catfishing BROTHERS!!!!

    What bait do you guys use? Is it live or dead, cut or Whole?
    and what kind of set up do you use? Tackle? and how do you fish it?

    Then after this is all done maybee we all will have a few new tricks up our sleaves!! ..and thank you..this is going good!! reel Good!!:big_smile:
  5. dademoss

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    Usually we fish with live on one, cut on another, and a different bait fish on another 2. IE, live bluegill, squooshed bluegill, cut shad or skipjack, nightcrawlers, chicken livers till we see what they want for dinner, then we move to that.

    generally use a slip sinker on the mainline with a 1-3 foot leader, or a 3 way rig with the bait up a couple feet from the bottom on a 1-3 ft leader

    Almost always leave at least one out with a lively bluegill in case a big flathead is hungry and wanders along.

    20 lb mono for the mainlines and leaders, rods depend on whether we bankfish or boatfish.
  6. riverdawg-1

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    salem, va

    Live bluegills and shad, or cut shad. I use MH 7-9 ft rods, abu 6000 reels and 20# berkley big game and 30# leaders on carolina rig.
  7. bootshowl

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    Indiana, J
    Russel ya put it on here, an it ain't a secret no more....Most of us ain't got any secrets left, from favorite food to colors. But what I picked up more than anything is this.....Bigger is better. Don't let yerself drift back ta the way ya used ta fish. Go big young man, BIG. Big reels, rods, hooks, weights, baits, line weight, leader length and expectations. When ya cast the birds ought ta squirt and other normal fishermen on the bank should stop an go, "What the h%ll was that?" When it's quieter to toss out the anchor than get yer rig in the water you know yer doing it right. An soon the fish basket is no more; as they won't fit in the basket. But the plates get bigger too, so it'a a good thing.
  8. Skipjack

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    LaGrange, Ky.
    I fish the Ohio river, north, central Ky. I think that the most important part of catching big fish is having lots of patience. First you must fish where big fish are. I think that big rivers have the most big catfish. You have to spend the time to get high quality bait. By this, I mean live, fresh, large Skipjack or Shad. Keep the bait alive as long as you can. Find where the big fish are, sometimes this means spending lots of time watching your depth finder, hunting for structure or drop offs that hold fish. Get your boat and rods set up to catch fish. Use big baits and big hooks. Cut them or fish them whole. Use as many rods as you can handle. I like the three way rig with a dropper, or tightline. Be prepared to move often and sit for a long time in between fish. But, every now and then a big fish will come along.
  9. Smuggo

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    fresh bait...change your baits often. after 20 mins I think my bait is washed out and ready for a change. Umm...stink baits have there place but if you want big fish you need either live or fresh cut baits (preferably local baitfish)
  10. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    Welcome to the BOC, Russell!
  11. r_dejaynes

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    Im starting to get the picture here of what I need!
    Wow this is a whole different level of fishing...AND I LIKE IT!

    Keep em coming!
  12. Cherokee

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    Welcome to the BOC
  13. Ahquabi_Master

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    WDM Iowa
    Find some structure! Fallen trees, cement waterside walkways, stumps... Fish these with live bait and make sure you equipped with rods/reels/line/knots/rodholders that will hold a monster. If you can't find structure try fishing at night, when the flatheads are roaming. Gaining experience is the best, most obvious secret - so get out there and learn from actually fishing.
  14. catchinghogs

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    I like when I get that look from other fisherman.Bigger is definetly better but as others have stated be patience you are going to have some slow times out on the water but with the big bait if that fish is big enough to eat your offering you will get a rush like no other.
  15. shelbygt1979

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    Olathe, KS

    This might be true However If using live bluegills,Bullheads sometimes they will live for 2-3 maybe more hours depending on the number of turtles,or smaller fish pecking at them. And the amout of stress that the baitfish have been thru IE. How long in the bait bucket how long you have had them, are they starved, did they belly flop on your cast, did they fall into a hole with low Oxygen content. IMO I believe there are a number of factors involved in the amout of time bait is left on the hook.
  16. onlyriverfish

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    The secret is:

    1.) Tenacity and determination (no one or nothing will deter you from the belief that you WILL GET THEM with enough effort) coupled with a hunger to read/learn everything available about your prey, its food sources,habits and preferred structure where you fish to reach that goal, eventually you will succeed.

    2.) Spend enough time on water to learn and be confident of what the daily seasonal bait fish habits are that will put you on to these bigger fish.

    If there is some "secret" I never heard it yet, but rather a culmination of effort and time on the water wetting the line.

    After mastering it then you might just get bored and move on to something new.

    You are at the best place I ever found to learn from now.:smile2:
  17. poisonpits

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    you have got to put in the time.the fish in my avator is 56 lbs.it took 9 days to get that 1 bite.had on head and gut pocket of a 16 inch skipjack.not my normal size fish just had to see if i could catch one.now i cant sit and catch eaters with out wondering what else is there.careful what you wish for.
  18. bwillaub

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    Now if I were to tell you my "best kept secret".....it wouldn't be a secret any longer. You look like a guy I can trust so lean in here real close and I'll whisper it to ya.

    I use live bluegills when I can. If live bait isn't available, I use cut bait. I keep the cut bait in a large ziplock bag with a couple of teaspoons of Cod Liver Oil. The oil gives the cut bait a real fishy smell and it stays on a long time.

    Hope it works for ya. Try some bait with the oil and some without. I would bet the bait "with" will outproduce the "without".

    Good luck and let us know how it works out.