Lets talk drift rigs for a moment....

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    I see that crappie floats are a popular item for keeping the bait off the bottom which is all well in good if I wanted to spend money, but like most people I prefer not to. My mom works at a Styrofoam plant and I can get pretty much anything you could imagine made out of Styrofoam for free. What size of cylinders should I ask for. I am thinking 1 inch diameter by 3 inches long. Does that sound about right?

    Also where can I get buckshot and parachute chord to make slinky weights? And about how heavy should I make them. I would think 3 oz.?
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    I use the medium size peg floats from a local company here. They are available at most any Walmart store. I bought my cord from these folks, I got 100', have made and lost I don't know how many and still have cord left over. I use 00 buckshot, it takes 16 or so to make a 1 oz sinker. Once I've got the length of cord cut to size, I heat and seal one end with a propane stove. It will shrink the end up enough that the buckshot won't come out. Once they are stuffed, leaving enough room on the other end, I heat up an old knife blade and seal the open end flat. This leaves a place to heat a small nail, held in vise grips to melt a hole to attach to a swivel. Here's where I got the cord from:


    I'll try to put some pics of the set up later today.

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    The place I purchase my buckshot is from Ballistic Products: http://www.ballisticproducts.com/. I use this for my hunting and self defense loads. I don't know if there is a cheaper supplier, or cheaper buckshot. You would not need high quality shot for sinkers. You can make a rig similar to your slinky weights using a swivel or snap, with a light piece of mono line and pinching split shot weights on the line. Hope this helps!
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