Let's talk about Gemini weights

Discussion in 'Terminal Tackle Review' started by Guthooked, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Guthooked

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    My source for Breakaway weights has dried up and I went online looking for some more and I stumbled upon Gemini weights during my search. Well I was intrigued and purchased a Gemini weight starter kit. I made a search here but there was not a lot of information.

    Anyone else using Gemini weights and if so how are they vs Breakaway weights? By the way these are used mainly for saltwater surf fishing but they work great for river bank fishing to keep your rig anchored perpindicular the the current flow.
  2. Jeremy Sheffey

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    Columbus, Ohio
    like you said, they are mostly for surf fishing, they are called spider weights. they are made like that to grip the sand. they would work if you want to get them hung, but if not then i would think them to be a pain. they are going to get snagged on everything and anything you cast around.