Let's see your catfishing boat!

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by irishpride42, Jun 17, 2007.

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    North Carolina
    I am looking for some ideas and I wanted to see some of your catfish set-ups and boats. Right now we are using a bass boat (which gets the job done) but I want to get a johnboat and set it up just for catfish, crappie, and striper fishing. So let's see some pictures boys!
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    maybe you can get some ideas here. 16' lowe, shorelandr trailer, 6hp mercury, 28lb minn kota. you wont believe me, but i bought this setup (minus the mercury) for $250!!! as you can see, i cut out the middle seat, and put down a base. i can still seat 3 using a pedestal, and when im not, i have plenty of room to get around. it really makes setting lines a breeze. the floor and sides are economical as well. easy to clean, and easy to work with. you can see i made a battery box in front. it holds the battery, fire extinguisher, the pedestal, ropes and bungees. all kinds of crap. hell- i even have a spare prop hanging in there. one pic was taken with me standing on the transom, so you cant see the back seat at all. but anyhow- just a few ideas you might run with

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    Heres the one i fish out of now and the one we are fixing up



  4. TX Fisherman

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    mine looks alot like irishpride42's basically all you need is a 14ft jon boat or bigger with a motor and trailer... add some rod holders, not necesarilly expensive, invest in 2 fish baskets, a smaller one for larger sized bait, and a bigger one for your actual catch, then invest in a minnow bucket for smaller sized bait... i just bought a boat and added all these things on to it, it was $450 for 14ft V-hull boat, trailer, and 15hp motor... all in okay condition, we got a fish finder free from a friend and are buying a trolling motor from a guy down my street for $50 boat and motor... i think thats really all you need for catfish and crappie, and id defanitly go with aluminum, much tougher than fiberglass, now im not sure about striper though, ill try and post some pics, but at the moment were trying to perty up the boat (painting) so not everythings in it, oh and your gonna want pedestal seats, id go with the $40 ones, comfortable and tough... but ill try and post some pics.... and i know a site that has some great deals... PM me and ill give you the link
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    I mainly go fishing for panfish, but I do go catfishing sometimes, so I just use my regular 14ft V-bottom. It started life as a plain old row boat, check out my website to see it's construction. it's solid (and heavy) I will never sell it because my father did all the wood work, I just carpeted it, he died last year at 49 years old from cancer. it now has just a 8hp chrysler outboard, a 50lb thrust bow mount 24v trolling motor, a small livewell, 2 fish/depth finders. Let me know what you think.

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    all i have is a 14 foot jon with a rod holder and some swivil seats. i mostly use it on small water and ues a 28 lb thrust trolling motor. but i am working on a 4 hp outboard:cool2:
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    Always willing to oblige...my personal catfishing craft is a Heritage Redfish 12' Angler kayak. It great for getting quickly in and out of the water for a peaceful, quiet day of fishing. The stability of this kayak is far superior to what you might think. Paddling this kayak is almost effortless if you learn the right technique; I've actually passed jon boats with trolling motors. The price is right too.

    The greatest advantage in kayak fishing is the boat's complete silence. I have hauled in fish when other boaters were convinced that nothing was biting.

    Someday the yakkers will have a dedicated forum here, I just know it! :roll_eyes:
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    East of KC
    Link below is to some pix I posted of the rod holder rack I just build and put on. It's a 1980 Lowe 2072 jon. Nothing in it but the console and front casting deck. Nothing fancy, 75 hp Evinrude, but it gets me and the kid where we want to fish and plenty of room to move around, sleep, whatever. If I do buy another boat, it will be the same plan with a bigger motor. I like the plain-Jane wide open barge look:wink:

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    You and your father did a very nice job on the boat...Thanks for the story...and the photo's...Should be proud of her...

  10. tkishkape

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    Gore, Okla
    That boat has had lots of TLC and a nice deck installed. I really like the hinged battery well. Looks very neat.

    Thanks for the story... your father gave something of himself to you in that boat... every time you are in it, he will be there with you.

    I still fish with my dad... and he's been gone over 25 years.:sad2: