Lets go fishing

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by Nightfisher, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Nightfisher

    Nightfisher Guest

    A bunch of us are getting together to hit the river on the 6th of January. Anybody interested?
  2. jimmyk

    jimmyk New Member

    I'm going. can't wait. should be a lot of fun.

  3. juscatfishin

    juscatfishin New Member

    I got a seat on trapperearl's boat. I can't wait. I've never caught a Blue Cat.
  4. Nightfisher

    Nightfisher Guest

    I think Earl is going to be meeting up with me at the Hopewell ramp that morning. I have a couple batteries to give him I have owed him for a while. I reckon I'll be seeing you there too if thats what he decides to do. Most of the others are launching from Deep Bottom or Osbourne. I plan on trying to run upriver to one of the other ramps in time to meet the group. If not, I'll try and greet as many as I can on the water.
  5. geraldh

    geraldh New Member

    North Carolina
    I might try to come up from North Carolina if the weather is not too bad. If the weather isn't okay it'll be the first week in March before I can come up. I'll probably put in at Hopewell and start looking for shad at Shirley Hole. Can anyone tell me the name of the motel right at the bridge at Hopewell marina?
  6. Nightfisher

    Nightfisher Guest

    The Evergreen Motel is the name of that one. It is kind of seedy tho, and I wouldn't recommend it as it is a well known "problem spot" around here. I would recommend stayng at the hotel in chester that is right on the turn off rt 10 to the dutch gap ramp. (can't remember the name)Much nicer, better safer lot, gas right across the street, and still just 5 miles or so from the hopewell ramp as well.

    Just a side note- The city of Hopewell is apparently managed by morons. They wanted to condem and tear down the marina to develop it for a hotel, when they could just as easily, and without the public outcry trying to close the marina caused, condem the Evergreen Motel and the abandoned resturaunt behind it and develop it. Still would be waterfront property and we the citezens would be more than happy to see both of those eye sores gone. Hopewell claims to pride themselves on its history and tourism, yet they allow a hellhole like that to be the first thing people see as they come into the city limits from Rt10 and I95. Personally I am embarrased by a whole lot of things the city does.

    Ok, I'm done with that now. All out of my system.

    Anyways, stay anywhere but there. I would hate for your trip to be ruined by an incident of some kind.